Exploring by Train (Part 2) – Bangkok, Thailand Trip #6a

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While trying to look for the ferry terminal, Itchyfingers found ourselves at the Mahachai Market – Thailand’s largest traditional fresh seafood market.

Busy street

Salted fish neatly arranged

These were so pretty…

Business was good!

There were a lot more stalls and shops selling many other items but we had to avoid the distraction and try to look for the ferry terminal…

Still ended up being distracted by these tamarinds…

And these…Oooo…looked interesting…

We were supposed to find the Ta Chin River but couldn’t really see any signs. Then we saw the pier…!

Fishermen offloading the day’s catch

Busy sorting out

From the other end..we realised there were lotsa water hyacinth in the
water like in Vietnam

We saw this commuters’ boat which we thought should be going opposite
bank…But where to board the boat?

Finally found the jetty. The woman said it cost only 3 Bahts and not 5 Bahts
according to my notes, but the destination was to this Ban Laem place,
which was correct…As the railway line is separated by the large river,
commuters would have to transfer via boat to get to the other side in
order to continue their rail journey

We had not planned to explore this far that day, but ended up taking the
boat to Ban Laem…When we bought the pre-cut tickets from the woman at
the booth and showed it to another one checking tickets, the latter just
took it and threw it into the bin…A bit waste of paper since there was
no dates stamped on it…they might as well just collect and reuse them…

There were limited seats on the long boat to cater to motorcyclists

Saw this adorable ring on a woman’s finger… :p

That was where we came from at the left, with the fishermen’s loading area
on the right

Less than 5 minutes’ boat ride took us here at Ban Laem

My notes said, “exit Mahachai station train, turn right (the same direction the train is pointed), and walk a short distance to the ferry landing which crosses the river to a new railway station, Ban Laem. The ferry (five baht) travels upriver to a new train terminal at Ban Laem on the opposite bank.” It did not say how short the distance, but we gotta walk pass all the fish stalls to the ferry landing and the boat did not bring us to the train station but to the town. Maybe the information online was really not updated?

Itchyfingers had gone so far, about half the distance, so I thought we might as well go all the way! But the problem was, with no signs and no one that understood English, we really had no idea how to get to the train station!

So we just explored the town, hoping to find the railway track…We asked
a couple of young people, hoping they would understand English but none
of them could! In the end we checked our guidebook for the Thai word of
“train station” and realised all this while when we were taking the BTS train,
the announcement was already telling us the “train station” in Thai! So
“station” is “Satanii” and “train” is “rot fai”!

So with a combination of body language and our “newly accquired skill” in Thai language, we made it so far here..

We passed by this school at the left and a temple at the right ahead…but we
were still not too sure where the train station was….

Strange, don’t they teach English in schools?

Did Itchyfingers make it to the train station to continue our journey? Do look out for the next post! 🙂

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  1. Tamarinds are tasty and one of my favorite snacks here in Thailand is the red packages of tamarind snacks that can be found in example 7-11 stores, super tasty!

    • Is it sold in 7-11? Hmmm..must look out for it the next time we go Thailand…

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