Paper Art – Bangkok, Thailand Trip #4a

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Itchyfingers like to watch travel programmes cos sometimes they will show places which we have not heard of. This recent trip to Bangkok saw us visiting and staying in places shown in travel programmes. One such place is the TCDC, or the Thailand Creative and Design Centre. The key focus of the centre is “to create an opportunity for Thai people to access source of knowledge for their new inspirations. TCDC will provide them with an opportunity to experience and absorb of new creativities by learning from success and achievement of all famous artists and designers worldwide.”

Besides a resource library, there are also on-going exhibitions at the centre. While Itchyfingers were there, we caught this interesting one involving installation art using paper.

Nice chandelier?

It’s paper!

What’s this?

Illustrated flowers painstakingly strung up!


Closeup…you are allowed to walk up the stairs to view the drawings…

These were actually eyes…looked like birds or fish from far.. 😀

There were other works on display. This series involving peacocks was quite interesting, especially if you read the words of the artist…

The artist named his works “Ferocious Beauty”

According to the artist, ” Peacocks are ferocious birds. I’ve said before that
they’re tough and brave. Even though they look delicate and beautiful, in
reality they’re very much ‘don’t mess with or bully me, or I’ll shriek wahk-
wahk at you.’ They have a very high sense of self preservation.”

Peacocks are fierce? That I really dunnu… :p

But quite interesting drawings…

More peacocks..

The artist said, ” Piranha is a drunken fish, drunk all the time – an ugly fish.”


Ok…this is not paper art…but the bird caged inside was made of paper… :p

If you look at the logo of TCDC, you may find it rather familiar. This is because it is shaped like a common local food…

According to the TCDC site, “Khanom is the name given to countless sweet
or savory Thai ‘dumplings’ imaginatively ‘ invented’ and made for generations
by hand, from locally found ingredients. Khanom come in hundreds of shape,
style and flavors, and are made from a myriad of ingredients”

“The Thailand Creative & Design Center has adopted the Khanom as its symbol because it succinctly expresses the creative attitude of the organization; that is, ‘To develop and promote human imagination and creativity, creating new products of usefulness, beauty and value, based on inherent skills, local resources and cultural advantage’.”

Now, here’ the TCDC logo…

And Itchyfingers had just signed on the visitors’ book! Hahaha… !

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