Have a Break…and Take a Nap – Bangkok, Thailand Trip #1a

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Last October to November was a crazy period for Itchyfingers, juggling few projects at the same time. So when all deadlines were settled, I was dying for a break. With not enough time for a longer trip and do research to new destinations, Itchyfingers decided to head to Bangkok again.

With the bad experience I had on our last trip (bed bugs!), Itchyfingers decided to switch hotel instead of sticking to the same ones we stayed during our previous two trips. I was given the task of looking for new hotels this time. Having watched on tv a travel show from Taiwan, we decided to try out this backpackers’ place. It has a very interesting name – Take A Nap! That’s right, the name of the budget hotel is called “Take A Nap”. Cool right?

The reason why Itchyfingers were attracted to the place was because the rooms were all furnished with a different theme. Of course this is not a new idea, as many other boutique hotels (Singapore has such hotels too!) have done the same thing to their rooms too, some of them were even designed by big names. They were very beautiful but to stay a night in such a room will burn a big hole in our pockets. So when we saw on the show that a budget backpackers’ hotel in Bangkok has such interesting rooms, we were already thinking of staying there on our future trip.

The dates we wanted were almost fully booked. In the end, we had to split our stay between this hotel and another budget hotel near Sukhumvit, where we were more familiar with.

This room had one wall with animal design…

The other wall was just plain…there was no wardrobe, just hangers…Er,
what’s the fan for? No air-conditioner? No, there was air-con, but it was
just not cool enough…hahaha…

This one had musical theme

Behind the door was this rate sheet to the different day tours you could
book with the hotel. Itchyfingers were tempted to book one of them but
in the end we did it in our own way, which will be posted shortly…

From the corridor, outside the lift. Very tempted to take a peep into the room
while they were doing cleaning…hahah…

View from the other angle

Come and take a nap!

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