Have a Roaring Good Year!

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The place where Itchyfingers work had a special cafe opened few weeks ago. The first thing that caught Itchyfingers’ eyes were not the colourful chalkboard promo nor the Japanese Manga characters themed leaflets and stickers. Rather it was the unusual display of a big stuffed toy. Took a peep inside..and gosh…! It was another of those kinky cafes with girls dressed up as maids…goodness. Out of curiosity, my colleague wanted to check out the menu. They were not officially opened yet, so the ‘Maids’ were idling around, just standing there looking pretty. The first thing my colleague asked was, “What do you sell here?” I almost flipped…hahah…It just sounded weird to me to ask that question…I mean, do you expect gourmet dishes in this kinda cafe? :D? Anyway, all I could remember on their menu was some sort of cake that the ‘Maids’ said they would hand-decorate with cute designs or something like that, the rest of the items were kinda forgettable…anyway, Itchyfingers not really a foodie.. :p

Ok, back to that unusual window display that caught my eyes…It was a near life-sized White Tiger… :O

A White Tiger in Afro wig lying on an inflated banana…! Faint…

So everyday on the way to office, I would pass by the shop and look at the White Tiger. During the festive season, the White Tiger had a new look…

What’s with the stuffed toy bananas on the tree? Hahah…so funny…The
morning light was a bit harsh huh…alamak..can you see my shadow? :p
But that was the only time I could photograph before they open at noon…
wouldn’t want the ‘Maids’ to think I was taking their photos…hahah…
Let’s see how they will dress up the White Tiger during Chinese New Year…hahah…

Acutally come to think about it, the stuffed White Tiger was quite well done….

Compare with our Bengal White Tiger, Omar, from the zoo. White Tigers
are simply beautiful… 🙂

On this last day of 2009, Itchyfingers wish everyone a better and happier 2010! 8)


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