Working out with a Pussy Cat – Useless Invention #2

December 20, 2009 at 9:59 pm | Posted in itchy fingers | 8 Comments
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I was browsing at a shopping centre in Bangkok when Tisu Boy came over and told me to go see something really cute….

When I saw it I couldn’t stop laughing, my eyes were glued on it and I fell in love with it instantly. I thought that was CUTE. Kawaii des ne! 😀

The cat on display…guess what was its posture for?

It was doing SIT-UPS! 😀 Yes! It does sit-ups when plugged into a USB port! Hahahaha…! 😀

Look at the name! Hillarious! 😀

Now check out its SIX PACKS! Hahahahaha! 😀

It was brilliant! What better way to perk up a boring afternoon in the office, and to bring a smile on everyone’s faces? 😀 I must get it!

Checked the price. I hesitated…430 Baht for a USB drive? That’s more than S$18…and the packaging did not indicate the capacity of the thumbdrive. I asked the sale person for help and was shocked to hear that it carried no memory but just a gadget for fun! :O My goodness! I was thinking, with S$18 I could easily purchase a reputable 4G or maybe 8G thumbdrive back home, so if this Cat has only a 1 or 2G memory, it may be a bit costly. Never did I expect that it was merely an object of pleasure with no practical use! :O

Plug the Cat into the USB port and have a good laugh… 😀

So comes the question – to buy or not to buy a S$18 cute Cat just doing sit-ups for the fun of it? I could almost picture the envious looks on friends’ and colleagues’ faces and their persistent queries on where did I get that cute Cat? :p

But S$18 seemed a bit expensive leh… 😦

We left without buying, but over the next four days I just couldn’t forget about the cute Cat. In the end, I succumbed to temptation…Just think about it as a toy that costs S$18. What is S$18 for a designer’s toy? Afterall, I do collect toys… :p

I chose this cat design…

I was happy with my purchase… :p

Until one fine day while shopping at a local IT mall I saw something familiar….

Crunching Cat….

Damn! They had brought it here! I checked the price…Damn! It was only slightly more expensive than the one I bought from Bangkok! And they also brought in the same product line featuring the Dog. Like Crunching Cat, the Dog also springs into action once it is plugged into a USB port. Guess what is the name of the Dog…?

Humping Dog….

What do you think it is doing? :p Check out here… 8)

It’s Christmas in a few days’ time. If you have not bought any pressies for loved ones, fret not. How about the Crunching Cat or the Humping Dog then? Hahhaha… 8)

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