A Little Note From Itchyfingers…

October 26, 2009 at 10:59 am | Posted in itchy fingers | 1 Comment

Itchyfingers was so swarmed with work and deadlines for the last few weeks that I have not been able to do any updates. Apologies to those who have been visiting regularly. 😮 Now, Itchyfingers is back! 😀

It is especially during stressful times like these that one realises the importance to get out to nature, to breathe some fresh air and forget about the evil forces at work…hahah…Not only it relieves stress, it also has the power to rejuvenate the mind and soul. :p That is why I made time for some outdoor nature activites while juggling deadlines – Itchyfingers did a Charity Bazaar besides my regular volunteering work; a night walk at some ulu countryside and saw many fireflies after so many years; as well as a very special project that I have always wanted to join.

Here’s a closeup of the subject of the special project Itchyfingers joined recently. Any guess what is this?

Make a guess. Itchyfingers will tell you more in our next post. This time
it won’t be a few weeks before we write again… :p


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  1. i wanna see fireflies…………

    i no need to guess… i cfm know what it is hahahah..

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