Oriental Beauty

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While on our way down from Fort Canning, Itchyfingers saw some sculptures across the road on the SMU field. My immediate reaction was, “Botero?” cos the corpulent figures looked similar to that of the famous Colombian artist. But when I went nearer, I knew they were not Botero’s. They looked too oriental to be his.

I was right. The sculptures laid on the field were indeed not from Fernando Botero, but they were equally beautiful! The figures had lines that were simple, expression that were so lively. Excited, I went around to take photos of all the sculptures…but Itchyfingers shall not show all of them here…yet… 8)

Beautiful big fat toes…

The toes really reminded me of Botero’s sculptures…

Attack! Charge!

I was curious who did these but was disappointed to see no credit given to the artist. Finally I found the inscribed seal…Ahhhh…Bingo! A Chinese name…

So, they were from this artist called LiChen…

But why wasn’t there any sign to credit the artist? Then I saw across the road another sculpture standing proudly in front of the Art Museum. Have not passed by the area for some time so not very sure when were these put up. Could these sculptures been placed there for an upcoming exhibition? Maybe they had been laid not long ago, so signs were not put up yet. I decided to cross the road to take a look at the lone sculpture to find out if there was any sign there…

He looked like he was gonna embrace everyone…so beautiful! And no,
no sign either…

Being Itchyfingers, I decided to check it out at the museum reception. True enough, the man at the counter told me the artist’s name and they were there in conjunction with his solo exhibition to be held at the museum on the 25th of September! Yeah!!! Certainly something worth waiting for!!!

Itchyfingers will definitely be back when the exhibition starts!

Do look out for Li Chen’s “Mind. Body. Spirit” exhibition from 25th September
to 4th December at the Singapore Art Museum!


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