Carving a Living – Vanishing Trades

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Walking on the streets of the Old Quarters of Hanoi, Vietnam, one could find many interesting trades and crafts. As early residents of each of the more than 36 streets at the Old Quarters came from the same village, so on every streets you would find them selling the same thing or making the same crafts. On some streets, you would see all the shops selling shoes (mainly Vietnamese wooden clogs); on some streets, you would see traditional crafts made of wood, silver, bamboo etc. All the streets were named after the things that they sell. This is quite similar to our Chinatown in Singapore in the older days, where early Chinese immigrants staying in the same streets were from the same provinces so they would be in the same profession. :p

Out of the many shops and streets, Itchyfingers found the street selling these the most interesting. It didn’t seem much of a taboo for them to make a living out of these…afterall, it is something that everyone eventually will have to end up in…hahah…our last purchase…

So you guessed it? Yeah, it’s the coffin…

Interesting to see the shops displaying coffins openly outside the shops. Many of these shops selling coffins also sell made-to-order tombstone…

Didn’t see the making of the coffins..but saw these people carving the stones

Samples on display, and some ready made ones too…just fix in the photo!
Oh, wait…did you see some familiar faces???

Britney Spears! Since when was she dead? 😀

And there was something else…

“还珠格格”  赵薇! Or Vicki Zhao from the “Princess Pearl”, the once popular
TV adaption of a novel…Since when was she dead also? 😀

Haha..Chinese consider it a taboo and inauspicious to put a living person’s photo on a tombstone, well, unless you are in the television or movie industry where the script requires you to act dead. But the actress or actor involved would always be given a ‘red packet’ of token money to wade off bad luck. :p Wonder if the celebrities involved were to find out that they were ‘pronounced dead’ in Vietnam, what would their reaction be? :p

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