Paper Merchants

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The paper goodies that Itchyfingers just talked about were meant to be burnt for the deads, and in recent years there are more varieties and choices available. From daily necessities to luxurious goods, you could almost always be sure there would be a paper version of it. :p

Then there are these other kind of paper goodies that were used mainly during the funerals. These are the larger items like houses, cars, tv etc. Sometimes, there would also be paper figurines to be burnt as servants for the dead.

Itchyfingers always wanted to visit and take pictures of how these paper goodies were made. I remembered seeing them some years ago but couldn’t remember the exact location now. Then recently, we happened to pass by (again…:p) a shop at Joo Chiat area and saw how a paper house was being made.

These were to be the ‘skeleton’ of the houses. Often, bamboo sticks were used
and taped together…like making kites… :p

Work-in-progress. See the chests at the side?

A completed paper house. The front portion was to be inserted or placed
on top of the portion at the back. They were left like this for ease of
transport to the funeral wake. A paper house of this size seemed to be quite
normal, though I have seen bigger and more elaborate ones…

Itchyfingers peeped into the shop and saw some people busy working on more paper models. We had wanted to ask them if they mind us taking photos, but the expressions of their faces seemed kinda unfriendly. So we had to give up the idea. Well, maybe we shall try other shops when we find the time to… :p

Anyway, seeing how they made these paper houses reminded me of our trip to Bangkok some times ago. We were in the chinatown area when we saw this shop selling paper goodies for religious ceremonies too.

Ooo…the Eight Deities..short of four leh… :p

Ah ma doing cut and paste… 😀

Totally unexpected…! :p

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