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In Chinese, perhaps more specifically Taoists’ culture, ancestor worship is commonly practiced. Besides the daily offering of joss sticks, flowers, fruits and food are also offered on certain traditional festivals. The Hungry Ghost Festival is one of these special times where more offerings were made to the deceased. During these special occasions, incense papers, hell notes, as well as all sorts of paper goods are burnt in the hope that the dead can have a better afterlife in the other world. There are such a wide selections of these paper goods that one is almost spoilt for choices! Hahaha…. 😀

Itchyfingers happened to pass by a shop selling these paper goodies after their business hours and I was wondering why didn’t the stall owner keep all their merchandise?

“Don’t they worry that they would get stolen?” I asked Tisu Boy.

Wow lao! Who wants to steal these things! They say steal liao will suay one!” Tisu Boy said.

He meant to say the mysterious ‘they’ said that stealing these paper goodies meant for the dead will bring bad luck. Besides, who would wanna steal these otherwise useless stuff? Somehow I always wonder who are these mysterious ‘they’ people often like to make reference to…hahaha…. 😀

Anyway, since the paper goodies were out there in display, being Itchyfingers, we couldn’t help but start taking photos of some of the funnier and interesting these… 😀

We all know about the hell notes, how about gold bars? There were silver
bars available too…

Cars were pretty common items on sale. Many came with chauffeur too!
Oooo….the logo looked like a certain sports car brand with a ‘F’?

Oooo….bikes were less common…at least it was the first time I saw this..

For ultimate luxury, how about a private plane for the afterlife? 😀

Er…if you couldn’t afford the plane, a plane ticket will suffice… 😀

What if you couldn’t afford all these ‘expensive’ vehicles?

Then i guess you would have to send these nice sports shoes instead…haha
These were actually life size, about man’s size 8 or 9 shoes!

How about a sewing machine for the creative fingers, or to help kill some
time in the other world?

For ancestors who were fashionistas, they would be happy to receive these… :p

Not just any brands, must be the IT bags!

Couldn’t afford a LV while alive? Well, at least you could get an XL in the
other world… 😀

And then something caught our eyes…

Black lacy intimates! Hahaha….Er, no cup size to choose leh…hahah... 8)

Very creative hor? Next time you pass by these shops, take a closer look at what new items are available! 😀

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