House of Ghost Masks @ JiuFen

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Words of Caution: The following post contains graphical imageries that may either scare you to death or make you laugh till you get tummy cramp. Do read at your own risks… 8)

If you think that Itchyfingers were so freaked out alone at the ghost mask museum, then you are wrong. In fact, most of the time we were laughing while looking at the ‘name tags’ of the masks. Must say the creator is quite creative to think of so many different look…haha… 😀

Many masks were meant to look hideous when they were made, but looking at these, I don’t think anyone would feel scared though… :p

The friendly-looking Cow Head Ghost, similar to the one Itchyfingers looked
on our last year’s Ghost Month’s masthead

The Horse-faced Ghost…ugly but not scary… :p

The Rectum-faced Ghost…hahah…

This was the Ghost of the Elected Officer…not sure why was he looking like

This looked like a Watermelon Alien Ghost!

Some of the masks made fun of certain humans’ habits or sins…like these…

Gluttony Ghost

Greedy Ghost…similar in ‘concept’ with the Gluttony Ghost… 😀

The Bloated Ghost…again, similar as the previous two but different

Gossip too much and risk looking like this when dead.. 😮

Some showed excessive ‘secretion’…..eeeeee…..

Like the milder Cold-sweat Ghost…

Or this Crying Ghost…

The Mucous Ghost!

This Crying Ghost not only had lotsa tears but also lotsa mucous!

But none of them could match this one! Super gross! :O

The ultimate Shit-faced Ghost! :O

Gross! :O

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