The Haunted House @ JiuFen

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Words of caution: The following post contains scary and hideous imageries that might caused uneasiness and nightmares for some. Do be prepared for the shock or come visit us later! 8)

Itchyfingers chanced upon this museum while roaming around the old streets of JiuFen in Taiwan early this year. Looking at the newspaper clip and the exterior, it looked interesting so we went in.

There was a middle-aged guy at the door and told us that we had to pay an entrance fee of NT30 (S$1.30). Wow! So cheap! Itchyfingers peeped inside and decided that it was worth paying the money as it was something different. :p

The moment we stepped in, walls after walls of masks ‘greeted’ us…

The ‘galleries’…made with walls of masks

All the ghosts you could name were written on this wall

Itchyfingers were the only visitors to the museum. There were a few people passing by but none came in to join us. Inside the dimly lit galleries, with walls after walls of ghost masks, it could be a bit scary for some people. Not to mention some of the masks actually looked quite creepy…

This group display looked scary huh…a bit bloody…

This Red-clothed Girl reminded me of Chucky‘s girlfriend…

Another group display…long haired ghosts, double and triple-head ghosts,
headless ghost…

Peeping from the back…

Ghosts strung together…

Pig-headed ghost…

The majority of the exhibits were face masks hung on walls from ceiling to floor, some were hung on the pillars.


Frightening or not?

This looked fresh out of his grave… :p

Want a kiss from this French-kisser ghost? :p

Bushy demon

Red-eyed ghost…

Died from poisoning…

The One-horned ghost…he looked cross-eyed…

This one looked like one of those murderers sentenced to death in old chinese
period dramas…look at the deep cut on his forehead!

This one was worse, the Chopped-head ghost

He looked like he had his face sliced by the wires…

The badly-scalded ghost…

Nightmare of a flopped plastic surgery

The Half-man-half-bird ghost…

The Alien ghost

Towards the end of the galleries, there was a door that prohibited visitors from entering. It could be the door to the storeroom or the workshop, but as it was not completely closed, there was an air of mystery to what was behind the door…

The words said, “Do not enter. Treacherous ghosts inside”. Wow! This was
more effective than those warning signs with guard dogs…

I thought the effect could get even better if there were some background music…hahah…

At the entrance of the museum, there was this door with many ghost masks and a hole for visitors to pose picture with. How could Itchyfingers miss this chance? 8)

The Tisu-faced ghost among other ghosts…think this should be the scariest
of all… hahah…

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  1. is that old faces statues? huuu scary^*

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