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Do you believe in ghosts? Do you believe that some people can see ghosts? What if you are able to see ghosts? What would you do?

He used to be a chef in a restaurant. 20 years ago after attending a friend’s funeral wake, he felt his body being possessed by the Black and White ghost generals 黑白无常 (the pair just like what Itchyfingers are dressed like on our new masthead 8) ). At the same time, he discovered that he has the special ability to see the deads, or what is commonly known as the ‘yin yang’ eyes 阴阳眼. From then on, he started to see faces of the deads, and that sparked his idea of ‘recording’ these faces. Initially he used flour to make the faces, but changed to using clay as it provides more flexibility and is more lasting.

Besides his claim of real life encounters with these dead people, he also likes to draw inspiration from Qing Dynasty’s literary work, 聊斋志异. Naturally, he is also a frequent visitor to graveyards, to get more ideas for his creation. During his creation process, he claimed that he had a few close shaves with death, but as long as he meant no harm, he believes eventually these ghosts will leave him alone.

As his collection of clay face masks increases (he has more than 1,500 masks and aims to increase the number to 5,000 or even 10,000), naturally he would like to share it with more people. Hence the birth of an unique museum on ghost clay masks. Itchyfingers chanced upon this museum during our visit to Taiwan early this year and had a fun time looking at the many clay masks. Whether or not you believe in ghosts, many of the masks were hilarious looking rather than scary! Certainly worth a visit!

A newspaper cutting outside the museum on the creator

Chanced upon this sign while wandering aimlessly along the narrow
old streets of JiuFen, Taiwan. Was curious what was this about but didn’t
really make it a point to look for it, but eventually we bumped into the

Do look out for our next post to find out more! 😀

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