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By now if you have not noticed, surely you should have at least smelled it. Yes…it is the time of the year again – the Lunar Seventh Month, also known as the Ghost Month, where the “Gate of Hell” is supposed to be opened for the souls of the deads to come out for their yearly ‘excursion’… :p So the livings will start to burn incense papers for them, which explains the lingering burning smell in the air.

Since it is the Ghost Month, like last year, Itchyfingers will write about nothing but scary or the supernatural stuff for the next few weeks… hahah…:D

While looking through the many ‘scary’ photos, Itchyfingers found this picture and think it looked a bit creepy, especially at night…

A scarecrow at Pulau Ubin. Imagine walking alone and bumped into this
fellow with sharp claws! :p It has a mop for hair… :p

Scarecrows are put up in fields to scare away crows and other birds to protect the crops. But after a while, the smart birds learn that it is stationary and so there’s nothing scary about it…

Well, imagine you have a scarecrow like this one… :p

The naughty Tisu Girl turned scarecrow… :p Looked more like Sadako from
The Ring
! 8)

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