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Last week, Itchyfingers visited one of the newest shopping centres in Orchard Road. The first thing that attracted us was the very long escalator on the exterior of the building that brings you up, up, and up….all the way up to the shops!

You could see the main road from the escalator…dun look back if you are
afraid of height…
:p Er…and please dun wear mini skirts or flare skirts…
it can get quite windy up there… :p

There were three long escalators but only two were operating when we
were there…I think the sign said this goes to level 7…? Forgot… :p

So the interesting thing was, not only the escalators were open and located outside the building, once you reached the end, there was this open balcony for you to get a view of Orchard Road.

A view from the balcony

It was a hot afternoon so we were glad to escape into the air-conditioned brand new shopping centre. It was spacious…and when we looked up the ceiling…

I like the lighting effects created by the ceiling

Not all shops were opened yet. The overall interior felt big and spacious, especially the floor we entered. But there were also some corners where we found many smaller shops…a bit cramp along those smaller shops…and didn’t feel as classy as the rest of the place. Once out of that stretch of shops, looking up the ceiling again was another interesting picture…

The lights looked as if they were moving….

Then we looked straight ahead. Er, something else were moving….

What the…?!?  :O

An indoor rock-climbing wall in the shopping centre!

There were two girls among the group of about 10. Er..they din look like
they were the very fit kinds leh…maybe the sports involve more technique
than strength?  :p

There were comfortable resting lounge areas and next to one of them, we saw this huge sculpture of a lady with shopping bag. Wonder why wasn’t there a sculpture of a man? :p

See anything special about the sculpture? No?

Look from the front and you noticed that her face was squashed… 😀

She wore hot chili-red boots and there were stream of shoppers taking
turn to pose with her huge feet! 😀

We wondered why she was made like this…We decided to take the escalator to the lowest level to take a look at her huge boots.. :p But before we even reached there, Tisu Boy already had it figured out…

Have you figure it out? 😀

Looking up at the glass lifts…see how perspective made things look narrower
and smaller on top?

Similarly, at about 20 metres tall, the lady’s height was greatly accentuated
with big foot and significantly smaller head…  😀

Since we were here, Tisu Girl decided to pose with the huge boots too! 😀


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  1. I took similar pics too.. esp like the lightning effects of the ceiling. Hmm but the lady with red boots wasn’t there when I visited it. Guess I need to visit again, much later.

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