How to Undress in Front of Your Husband…

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Haha….so Itchyfingers finally got your attention? 😀 ?

Until Itchyfingers wrote this post, I didn’t know there was a 1937 movie with the same title. :p

Ok, back to the topic… :p This naughty line was on the flyer for the recent exhibition for Verner Panton: The Collected Works at the National Museum of Singapore. 😀

Well, Itchyfingers have to admit we have not heard about the Danish designer and architect prior visiting the exhibition. But I am very sure that after your visit, you would definitely find many of his work very familiar, because they are such classic pieces that many have survived the test of time and have even inspired later modifications that we see now in the market.

Verner Panton (1926 – 1998) was one of the most innovative and forward-looking designers of the 20th century, being the first to create inflatable furniture. He experimented with new materials and industrial production techniques. Inspired by plastic buckets stacked neatly on top of one another, he produced the first cantilevered chair to be made from a single piece of plastic. The result – the Panton Chair. When the sleek and sexy Panton Chair was finally unveiled in a Danish design journal in 1967, it caused a sensation. In 1970, it appeared in the fashion shoot for a British fashion magazine, entitled, “How to undress in front of your husband.” 8)

Cheeky line for this photo shoot with the Panton Chair

A closer look… :p

The Panton Chairs in various cheerful hues…

The underside…

When we first entered the gallery, we saw rows of interesting and modern looking chairs…

I thought this looked like a fan… 😀

..until I read the sign and looked at the side…Does it look like a gramophone?
Well, this is called the
Trumpet Chair! Unfortunately this was never put in

A 1958 K1 Cone Chair

This is the Peacock Chair…I thought it looked like a flower too! 😀

The 1959 Heart-shaped Cone Chair!

The “Phantasy Landscape,” a foam rubber room of womb-like organic shapes.
Too bad it was closed for public when we were there. Not complaining
since it was part of the free museum entrance…

I am quite sure I saw a similar chair made from corrugated boards of the
same shape as this one on some design magazines! Could the designer
be inspired by this one done by Panton decades back?

These are the Flying Chairs
! Conventional seating was boring to Panton
so he came up with this great concept of space ship that float through space.
Imagine this was in 1964!  The mirrored sculpture behind is based on Panton’s
original 1965 design. Too bad visitors were not allowed to try out the seats! :p

Besides the many chairs, there were many beautiful lamps…we were surprised that photography (without flash) was allowed… :p

From this simple mushroom-like lamp named Pantella made in 1971

To this 1960’s Moon Pendant, Visor
, where 10 adjustable white rings were
suspended by a metal bar in the center – one of the earliest productions
from Panton resembling the different phases of the Moon…

The 1964 hand-made Fun Lamp
used disc made out of Mother of Pearl Shells

Forgot the name of this piece, we liked it initially…but…

Now looking up at this lamp from ground level reminded me a lot of the
big and bright lights shining down at me in the operating room during
my recent day-surgery, before I was being knocked out completely by
anesthesia….Eeeeeeek!! Only difference was this being a warmer glow….

The 1977 Panto Pendant

On show were also many of Panton’s pattern and textile designs, which were often applied onto his interior design, creating a highly sensorial atmosphere…

I really like the mood created by these beautiful lamps…

Geometrical patterns…

lamp6 seen on this wall of lights…

Photo of one of Panton’s interior designs…stunning!

Itchyfingers came ignorant without any notion of this great designer, but we left totally blown away by his bold, brilliant and innovative creation! Indeed one of the greatest designers of his time, and certainly far beyond! 🙂

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  1. thank you! I really liked this post!

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