Under Probation

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New drivers or riders in many countries like Australia, Japan and New Zealand are required to display a distinctive plate, sign or mark on their vehicles. This is meant as a safety measure – giving an early warning to other motorist to be more tolerant and forgiving to the new drivers who may make mistakes and to be given more road space to them as they are less experience on the road. 

Similarly in Singapore, all new license holders are required to display this sign on their cars during a one-year probational period. We call this bright orange triangle in a bright yellow sign the ‘P Plate‘, short form for ‘Probation Plate’. The positioning of the P Plate is equally important as they have to be prominent enough to be seen. Failure to display the P Plate will be fined S$120. Repeat offenders will even have their licences revoked.

So you see that it is really very important to display the P Plate if you want to keep your driving licence, as to many, they may even be depending on their licence for a living, like the cab driver, bus driver, lorry driver, delivery man, postman….etc etc etc…and maybe also….

…the garbage man…! 😀 Must display P Plate leh! If not cannot ride on 
Orchard Road, then who is gonna pick up your rubbish? 😀 Er…but your  
P Plate is upside down leh… :p


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