Sizzling Hot! – The Great Singapore Sale Worth Sweating For!

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Are you a self-confessed hardcore shopaholic? If you think you are, how far are you willing to go in order to grab those great and good bargain?

A) Queue overnight to make sure you get to be the first to ‘chiong‘ into the shop for the early bird special discount!

B) Cut out all the discount coupons and head straight to the shops having the offers, then grab all those items! Nevermind if you have no use for them…Well, you may not need them now, but who knows when they will become handy. In any case, you are very sure your friend or your friend’s friend’s friend or sister’s friend’s friend will definitely need them….Anyway, they can always make a nice christmas pressie….

C) Buy just one more item or spend just that extra fifty dollars in order to qualify for the very exclusive VIP club membership so that you will be able to enjoy even more discount for your next purchase?

D) All of the above…or more

Well, just when you have proudly declared that you posses all of the above fine qualities…or even more, wait till you see this. You will surely take your hat off to these ladies….er…literally….cos they really and seriously deserve and need the hat more than you do…Afterall, you indulge yourself in comfortable and cool air-conditioned shopping malls, whereas these ladies are fighting for the best bargain under Singapore’s hot and blazingly burning 34 degree sun….! These ladies, and their most unwilling boyfriends, had displayed the spirit of a true blue shopaholic! Their ‘can-die-of-heatstroke-but-cannot-die-without-even-browsing-very-carefully’ attitude certainly gained the utmost respect from Itchyfingers! Hahaha…

A flea market outside the 8Q Musuem. Half the stalls were doing business 
without shelter under the hot noon sun! 

You would expect the place to be dead like a desert with no customers but
nothing could stop these hardcore bargain hunters! Just whip out the trusty
and fashionable brollies in hot hues of cheery colours! Stall owners providing
the service of sheltering potential customers should be given some best
retailer service award!  😀

Sharp-eye shopper: “Hey, what do you think? How do I look?”
Friend: “Hot!” 

Owners who were willing to brave through heat and humidity with potential
customers seemed to have better business! Items were flying off the shelves,
er, off from the floor like hot cakes!

Deal closed!

Scared of the heat and get all the cold shoulder treatment…

The luckier stalls under the shade…one guy was enjoying his hot burger
while the other was sipping his ice cold drink…so shiok!  

Now, can you still claim to be a super shopaholic? 😀


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