Useless Invention #1

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Itchyfingers like to visit the Japanese store for a couple of reasons. Firstly, prices are affordable at $2 for any item; the product variety is overwhelming and we are often amazed by the Japanese’s creativity as well as the funny English translation on the packaging. Our latest visit to the store saw this funny product. It was briefly mentioned as a one-liner on the papers recently but with no picture illustration, you tend to forget about it. Until we saw it ourselves….

Our first reaction: “What the…..???!!??”

Can you guess what is this?

No. It is not a boomerang.

Now look again at the original picture with its product label.

Introducing the Banana Keeper….! See the photo on the label...:O

Open it up….lovely heart-shaped holes make sure the fruit is kept fresh….

This is really funny. Why on earth do you need such a container for? I couldn’t stop giggling….I mean why on earth do you need a container specially made for banana?

Itchyfingers did a quick look online and was surprised that there are a few sites on this banana keeper…and the best thing is they all come in different names. One site has this advertising line for their “Banana Saver”: “Tired of bruised banana? We have a soluton….”, together with a nice banana sitting in a nice banana case. Then they went on to say, “Designed to protect individual bananas on the go from getting bruised until time of consumption. This banana storage container is perfect for backpackers, bikers, children’s lunches and all others who simply want to enjoy nature’s most perfect food intact, just as it was purchased.” Mind you, this is not a joke. It is made in USA and pending for patent approval! Similar site like this one ‘aptly’ named the container the “Banana Safe Box” and boosts the same function. There is also another one called the “Banana Guard”.

Well, at first thought it seemed like a good idea to have some protection for the banana so it won’t get squashed. But how exactly are you gonna find a piece of banana with such perfect fit in terms of length and curvature? Hmmm…maybe the designers have done a thorough research on the average shapes, sizes, lengths and curves of bananas that they decided that at this particular length the case should remain straight and then start to curve at certain angle?? :p Ok, even if it was designed with all the above considerations, why do you want and need a special case to fit in just ONE banana??? From the photo, you can see that the case is quite big, about 30cm long. Where are you gonna fit such a big case in your bag? If you are gonna hold it in your hand cos the huge case is taking up too much space, then do you still need the case in the first place? And just what are you gonna put the case after you have finish eating the fruit?

Well, whoever or whichever countries came up with the idea of a Banana Keeper, Saver, Safe Box, Guard..whatever you wanna call it…good luck with the sales…:p But you can’t deny the fact that it makes a great and fun gift! Certainly will bring on a lot of laughter from the receiving end! Hahaha…..:D Hmmm..maybe Itchyfingers should also get one just for the fun of it? Haha…. 8)

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