Reduce. Reuse. Recycle @ Hort Park

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22 April will be Earth Day. A day designed to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth’s environment. 

As we know, the place we all call home is facing threats and challenges everyday. Most of these, sadly, are caused by the very occupants of the Earth itself – Man. Industrialisation and modernisation bring about pollution and logging, which in turn results in habitat loss for many animal species. The inbalance in the ecosystem has a far larger effect than man could imagine. 

Today, with greater awareness of the many environmental issues, many people are trying to do their bits to try to save the Earth. Every little effort does count. Just like switching off the lights for a mere one hour during Earth Hour last month, we can all do our part in reducing our impact on Earth.

By reducing the need to print on papers or using less plastic bags; by reusing plastic bags or the other side of papers; and by recycling these simply by putting them into recycling bins are just some very simple habits we can cultivate. At Itchyfingers‘ visit to the Hort Park some time ago, we saw one section of the park dedicated to providing ideas and tips on recreating a ‘recycling garden’ using simple discarded items. Some of these ideas were not new, but sometimes people prefer to buy new pots to plant their flowers so as not to appear like a cheapskate. But take a look at this garden and you could see that with a little creativity, these old items could really complement the plants and beautify your garden, making them so interesting to look at!

After quenching your thirst…reuse the bottle to quench these plants’ thirst for life…

Adding a bit of colours…

Another example

Nice bouquet…

Sprouting life…

Hmmm….walking plants?

A safety helmet

Old tyres and PVC pipes can also be part of the garden!

Rice cooker not working? Give it a new life! 

The inner piece from the cooker makes a nice pot too

Attended too many National Day Parade? That torn bag from the parade
is great if you need to move your plant around often! 😀

A spittoon from the old days!

Weather getting a bit too hot? Even plants need a soak in the nice bathtub!

It’s never too late to start doing our part for the Earth! 😀

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