Funny Signs. Interesting Finds – Taiwan Trip #18

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We saw many cute and funny signs in Taiwan during our visit. Here are some of them:

Crazy cut? Or anyhow cut? 😀

Er….WWF….World Wild Fund? Wow…plagiarism!!!

Meet Fresh….but the mascots weren’t that fresh-faced….:p

No preservatives…so no youthful looking logo…hahah…:p

The sign said a “Prankster toys” so we thought it must be very interesting.
Went up the stairs only to be welcomed by a heavy cigarette smell! And we
thought Taiwan had just started banning smoking in air-conditioned areas!
Too bad for the owner cos they had just chased away a customer, though
we peeked into the shop and realised it was filled with Halloween masks and
nothing really special that could make us endure the foul-smelling smoke!

A poster at the airport. Smoking is now banned in air-conditioned public areas

Well, this flight of stairs was so much more attractive and friendly!
I immediately recognised the drawings as one of those I had seen in magazines…

“Some things that might be useful to you…”

Beautiful shops with equally beautiful works done by a beautiful mind,
Creative 26

– another cute shop that Itchyfingers recognised from magazines…
Itchyfingers dream of opening a shop like this selling our own creations…

Cute characters…

You would think this was a shop selling toys or fashion, with the two cute
characters here. But in fact they were selling condoms! So different from
those we have here, where the shop name always sound so sleazy…hahah

While the condom shop didn’t sound sleazy, this whole building selling
ladies’ intimate wears with a name like “Easy Shop” and a huge poster of a lady
in suggestive pose, just sounded a bit promiscuous and loose…hahah

A smaller branch of the same shop…with focus just on the logo, it gave the
impression of a friendly shop catering to teenagers shopping for their first

“Wang Wang Lai” – auspicious sign for this seafood shop…

“Duo Mao Mao” – a term meaning playing hide-n-seek in Taiwan….Hmmm…
a smaller notice at the left said the shop was moving out but din mention
to where…playing hide-n-seek with customers….hahahah

Strawberry lovers have to give this shop a visit! All the pastries were
made with or decorated with strawberries…very pretty!

Lion made of donuts…

Similar to countries like Japan, the train station had designated waiting
zone for female passengers at night..

Be considerate…I wish we have these on our trains….how many times did
you have to tolerate the loud music blasting from the phones of some ‘Ah Bengs’
standing at the other side or sitting beside you?

So if you dun wanna be called an Ah Beng or Ah Lian, please refrain from playing loud and irritating music from your phones….(Note to the unitiated: An Ah Beng is a term used loosely to stereotype someone who lacks cultural refinement or has unusual styles and tastes. An Ah Lian is the female equivalent)

But do we always have to be told how to behave appropriately…?

The sign said, “No Smoking, Drinking and no (counterfeit) Apple laptops
allowed”. Haha

Like our MRT, they also had these posters telling passengers what to do
if their belongings were to drop onto the track…er…what if it was small
item like ear-rings or glasses…how to fish them out har? :p

I thought the chinese translation for ‘priority seats’ sounds more like
‘compassion seats’…

“Bandits’ Live Seafood”?

But this was even better…

“Beast Specialty Shop”….

Wow….this was found at Shilin Night Market, where a whole section was selling pets. There were the usual cute puppies and kittens displaying at the shops in front. But the shops inside had more exotic animals, or beasts, as they named it, on sale. Itchyfingers only know Chatuchak Market in Bangkok sells exotic pets. We didn’t know or heard that there is such market in Taiwan. Though only a handful of shops were selling these exotic pets, it was enough to make our jaws drop like we did in Chatuchak…. 😦 One shop specially displayed their license to show that these were not endangered species they were selling. But many of these animals were not suitable to be pets, as many tend to grow too big or need big living space.

Just what were some of the exotic animals on sale?

Babes! Piglets! These tend to grow into big fat pigs…certainly not suitable
for pets…unless you own a big house…(One Taiwanese reader later told
us that these won’t grow big though…as her friend has one..) :p

Hedgehogs! Can’t tell the face from the backside? Cos photography strictly
prohibited….but nothing could stop our Itchyfingers!

Snapping turtles! These too will grow into big turtles and one nasty bite
from them guarantees you will say bye-bye to your itchy fingers…There
were many other kinds of exotic turtles and lizards on sales too…

This was one of the few froggies on display. Slightly bigger than our 50 cent
coin, it was seriously cute with such a big head!

These were chicks of chickens except they were less than half the size of normal
chicks…they called them Mini Chicks…Couldn’t find any info on these…

Besides these signs, interesting art could be found in Taiwan streets too…

“I’m Popeye the sailorman…”

I like this…too bad it was partially covered by some stuff belonging to the
street stall owners..


And we saw Taiwanese’s sense of humor too…

Darlie from the household name toothpaste and…the ex-president of Taiwan….:D

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  1. You saw only surface of those words and phrases, literally. You didn’t get across to the bottom of such words, so your understading is a half or reach not a half of those words. Crazy cut equels to fashion cut,cutting-edge, smart cut, cut for recent fashion in trend. The ‘crazy’ is not the meaning of the word, expanded, strethced to a new area in some way which is based on Chinses character and very complex situation.

  2. Hahah….wow you are getting so serious there….Of course Itchyfingers understand that the sign does not really mean ‘anyhow cut’…especially the chinese words below also mentioned ‘concept shop’. It is just that at first glance most people would tend to laugh it off and comment that the chinese words mean ‘anyhow cut’…By the way, unless you are the owner of the shop, how exactly do you know that is really the meaning of the shop name? Hahahah…anyway, as naughty Itchyfingers, we are always trying to crack a joke here and there and have some fun…no offense seriously though. :p

  3. That kind of piglets will not grow into big fat pigs.
    My friend has one. =D
    and I think your chinese is very good.

    -a Taiwanese gal

    • Hi Taiwanese gal,

      Hee….ok, so those cute piglets will stay cute and small? Haha…but still a bit strange to keep piggy especially when chinese people love to eat pork…hahah..not me though, I don’t eat porky…hahah… 😀 Hope to visit Taiwan again! 😀

  4. the crazy cut franchise owner is a good friend of mine and I can tell you for sure that it doesn’t mean anyhow cut.

    • Oopps….dun take it so seriously lah…we meant it as a harmless joke… :p

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