Everyone Says Good Good Eat…Again! – Taiwan Trip #16

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This trip to Taiwan Itchyfingers had planned to check out (and hopefully pick up if I could afford them…) the local design – be it food, signage or lifestyle product, after seeing many of these on magazines.

Remember Itchyfingers once wrote about discovering a tit-bit with a cute little girl as mascot on the packaging? Was attracted by the cute girl and the even cuter product name – 張君雅小妹妹, that I bought the snack even though I seldom eat them! 😀 So during the Taiwan trip, I kept reminding myself to visit the supermarket to look for the whole series of product under this 張君雅小妹妹 brand. Well, didn’t have to even look far in supermarkets, cos just under our hotel was a 7-11 store, and was excited to find some of the products there while picking up snacks for our day trips out of the city! 😀

This is the noodle snack featured in the advertisement we linked on the last post.
There were three colours but I only bought one….kinda regretted now…afterall
it was so cheap…

Ooo…they even have gummies! These were lychee and grapes flavours…

Ooooo….the white lychee ones only had 張君雅小妹妹 with very faint hair
line pattern whereas the purple grape ones were more distinct. You could see
the hair line and the smiling faces. The other ones were grumpy faces….hahah

Then there was this tiny cup noodle version..cute mermaid 張君雅小妹妹 with
clam shells….:p

The shrink-wrapped cup…

I brought back and cooked it…oh my goodness..so cute…the fish cakes were
in the shape of 張君雅小妹妹’s face! 😀

Was so happy with my purchase that day! 😀 The next day when we returned to get some drinks, my eyes caught these and immediately grabbed them without looking at the price or read what was the content! I must have these! :O

Pack of five 張君雅小妹妹 snack. Normally you could choose to buy one pack
or the whole row. Didn’t even see what was it inside…But I guess should be
some candies. Have to get them first! 😀

So, it’s some BBQ flavoured noodle snacks again. This fifth pack had
張君雅小妹妹 pleading people to come and buy her… :p

The happy 張君雅小妹妹: “Sold one pack, hurry before all are gone!”

“Left just three packs! Quickly bring me to the cashier!”

張君雅小妹妹 getting pissed. “Left only two packs and still thinking?”

“What! Only left with one pack!??” What are you still waiting for!??

Heee….Itchyfingers brought all these cute 張君雅小妹妹 snacks back home and finished them all by myself…. 8) The snacks themselves were okay, but with a nice branding and nice packaging, you will be sure to attract consumers’ attention! 😀

Anyone visiting Taiwan soon? Itchyfingers dun mind getting these 張君雅小妹妹 snacks as little gifts….hahahahah….. 😀

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  1. some of the snacks are avilable in singapore now saw it at 7 Eleven and shop & Save

    • yes, some of them are available, like those bigger packs of snacks similar to our first post, “Everyone Says Good Good Eat!“. But I have not seen the other products like the gummies, the 5 pack snack and the instant noodle pack selling here yet. Unless they have brought them in already? Hmmm…time to visit the store soon…. 😀

  2. “This is the noodle snack featured in the advertisement we linked on the last post.”

    The link is wrong for your info.

    • ooops…strange dunu why they link wrongly…anyway, updated again…hope will be ok in future…hahah

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