The Curious Case of Bachelor’s Button

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Have you ever been curious about things around you? What are they called, where were they from? 

Itchyfingers had always been curious…in this case, I always wondered what was that little purplish flowers that we used to grow in our balcony when I was still a young Tisu. In my memory, this flower grew very fast and easily, seemed hardy and in fact it was a bit stiff when you touched it, unlike most flowers which are soft with large petals. We used to nickname it the ‘or-ni-gu huay’ (hokkien for bald flower), since it looked so round, just like a bald head…hahaha… 8)

A recent visit to the Sentosa Flower Festival ignited my curiosity when I saw this flower again…unfortunately there was no sign about the flowers. Even more recently as I was sorting out the thousands of old pictures for backing up, I was surprised to find that I had the mystery solved some time ago during a walk at the Botanic Garden, but somehow I had accidently pushed the ‘Delete’ button from my memory bank and conveniently put it aside again for whatever reasons.

In case you are getting curious about which flowers I am talking about….

Round like a bald head….

Thanks to NPark’s sign, I finally know the name of my ‘botak’ flower

Bachelor’s Button. Gomphrema globosa. Native to Panama and Guatemala in Central America. Used as a bedding plant that grows 1-2 feet tall. Hmmm. Bachelor’s Button. That’s an easy name to remember…Now, are you getting curious why are they called bachelor’s and not spinster’s buttons?

The world is full of curious cases, isn’t it? 😀

Bachelor’s Button tolerates poor soil, heat and drought. A true ‘everlasting’
flower best for dried flower arrangement. 

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