Déjà vu and a Brief Encounter – Taiwan Trip #13

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A roller-coaster bus ride.
Itchyfingers didn’t intend or plan to visit this place…it was meant to be a stop-over for another destination. But somehow we boarded a bus driven by a driver whom must had been a hell-rider or F1 champion in his previous life that he made frequent crazy sharp turns along the way which caused me to almost choke on my sandwich meant for brekky. He also had the mob leader look that Itchyfingers decided not to ask him to remind us where to alight. 

An accident.
A mother and child were alighting the bus when somehow the child was too slow and the hell-rider must be having a time check to see if he could beat his previous best time in completing the race that he closed the door and wanted to zoom away….


“Someone is still alighting!”, exclaimed fellow passengers. Things happened too fast for Itchyfingers to see clearly from our seats…Luckily no one was really hurt. The bus stopped in time…but next followed a few minutes of chiding by another passenger and some defensive grumbling from Mr Hell…er, I mean Driver…

A signboard. 
Fried Chicken Chops. Hmmm…looked good…haven’t try that in Taiwan…

“Too bad we are not stopping here…”, I thought to myself…

Bus continued to drive off…

A Hollywood look-a-like sign.
Busy place. The sign said train station. A big hollywood look-a-like sign sat proudly on top of the slope. Many passengers alight.

“Are we alighting here?”, I asked.

“No. We alighting at some bus terminal”, Tisu Boy replied.

Aiya! I wanna take the hollywood sign leh… 😦

Bus continued to drive off…

A signboard. 
Fried Chicken Chops. Hmmm…looked good…haven’t try that in Taiwan…

“Too bad we not stopping here…”, I thought to myself…


Déjà vu. This signboard looked familar….and that one across the street too…and this shop here and there and there looked familiar….!

“Is it?”, Tisu Boy was unusually blur. Nornally I would be the one who couldn’t read maps and recognise the roads. 

We looked around again frantically before alighting. We checked the bus route and confirmed we had missed a stop and the bus was making a loop back…

And a miss of bus-stop.
Itchyfingers didn’t intend or plan to visit this place…it was meant to be a stop-over for another destination… :p Sounds familiar again? Haha..

Since we missed our bus-stop, we thought we might as well explore the place a little instead of waiting for another bus to come. 

A Brief Encounter at Keelung.
基隆 is a major port city situated in the northeastern part of Taiwan and is Taiwan’s second largest seaport after Kaohsiung 高雄. It was said that the Taiwanese people have long called the city Kelang 雞籠, meaning rooster cage, after the local mountain that took the shape of a rooster cage. I found out about this later, so when we were walking on the street we didn’t know that we had to look for the rooster cage mountain…:p

Houses on the slope…

Quite a busy place…look at the rows of motorbikes…

The sign that made me wonder if the bus was making a loop back…

The shop was closed for the day…no chicken chop still…

Many bikes had this plastic to shield them from the cold wind….not sure
if it helped though…see, it even had wiper for rainy days….

An old bridge

Train just arrived…

Underneath the expressway bridge there was this whole stretch of food stalls…

We din feel like eating here…


So we chose a shop that sold curry chicken rice and hot dessert. Since I just had a sandwich, I ordered the tangyuan 圓, the glutinous ball with peanut soup. But when they served it, I thought they forgot to give me my glutinous balls… :O

Huh…? Just peanut soup?

And then I realised…

Taiwanese tangyuan were so tiny! :O And there were only a few of these tiny
miserable glutinous balls! Needless to say, they were just plain glutinous
ball without any fillings….Luckily it tasted just like what we have here

We continued to explore around and at the same time, look for the hollywood look-a-like sign, as we believed the stop we missed must be somewhere near there. Finally, after some time, we found it!

See! The Hollywood look-a-like sign of Keelung! 😀

At last I got my picture and we also managed to find our bus-stop….which happened to be just opposite this Keelung train station. Darn!

So we ended our brief encounter with Keelung, ready to explore our next destination! 8)

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  1. Hollywood sign haha… I thought the same way then too “p
    Geez ur taiwan trip still never ending, u really hardworking.

    • heee….ya….seemed like very long cos din write often…:p maybe getting a bit more observant so more things to write nowaday…especially on trips…hahahahah….

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