A Walk Along the Cliff – Taiwan Trip #10

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Following the group of senior citizens, Itchyfingers found this two kilometres trail called the Lyushui Trail 绿水步道 at the Taroko National Park.

A relative easy trail suitable for all ages

The trail first led us up some gentle steps into the forested area. We stopped frequently to look at the many unknown but beautiful wild flowers and the next thing we realised was that the group of senior folks were nowhere in sight anymore. Wow! Senior citizens walked so fast! Must quickly catch up! :O

Oh…danger of rockfalls here…was that why the older folks walked so fast?

Gotta cross this suspension bridge…er…can I turn back…? Aiya! Coward!
Very short bridge only! :O

Luckily we were the only ones crossing….I hated it when someone shook and stomped on suspension bridge when crossing….

After hanging loose in the air crossing the bridge, we gotta go through complete darkness in a tunnel….

A small narrow pitch dark 30 metres tunnel…light shone through after a turn

When we got out of the tunnel, it was bright day light again…and we realised we were brought to the edge of the cliff….

Wow…narrow path…enough for one person…on a busy day you might need
to walk sideway for people to pass…

We were walking down there just a while ago…

The tiers of views…

According to the sign, “the Lyushui Trail is a section of the Mt. Hehuan Old Road that was built during the Japanese Occupation era (1895 – 1945); a witness to the Japanese invasion and occupation of the Liwu River Watershed. Following the major campaign against the Taroko people that Japan had begun in 1914, roads through the area of what we now call Taroko National Park were built in order to consolidate control over the people and resources in the area…Most of the many rock retaining walls were built during the period and are a testament to the engineering quality as many of these structures have survived to this day.”

Here at the Lyushui Terrace, you could see the changing course and speed of
the Liwu River’s flow. We started the trail from the building on the right…
the other building being Lyushui Geological Exhibition Hall where tourists
also stopped by for loo and coffee break…

Then we realised that the danger signs were all over….:O


Wow here also dangerous….everywhere also dangerous….!

No doubt the view was nice and spectacular, but with so many warning signs around, I couldn’t help but felt a bit uneasy staying too long, especially when we were the only people there…what if we were really hit by falling rocks? It won’t be easy to get help fast…so after taking a few photos, we moved on.


Back into the forested areas, we would had missed this if not for the sign just
in front of it…

Sign ‘commemorating spirits’…what spirit? :O You mean there were ghosts here? :O

Only then we noticed there was this big stone slab hidden among the trees behind…

The monument, at 3.6 m tall and 1.5m thick, was erected for four officials who died while performing their duties during the Japanese Occupation era. Two of the men were killed in 1922 by rockslides following an earthquarke that occurred when they were repairing a bridge on the road. The other two men died while on patrol. This was one of the more complete and better preserved stone monuments in the area.

The names and year of death of the four officers were carved onto the stone slab

It was only there that we met a lone visitor…and then followed by a group of three ladies soon after…er…one plus three equals four…just nice….er…could it be the four spirits?? :O Waaaaaa…..:O Hahahahah….:D

Walking down…we should be finishing the trail soon…

Wow warning sign again…

There’s always time for nice wild flowers…

From the road, you could see the railings of the path we took…

And then we were finally back to where we began…

Wow… nice maple trees….we were later told that maple leaves turned red
only if the weather is cold enough…

We decided to slowly head back to town as going further down would mean getting back when the sky turned darker. Then out of somewhere, probably one of the buildings, a doggy came running towards us…I don’t mind doggies, but am a bit wary of those who are too excited cos they like to lick at people….

Doggy following Tisu Boy…

But this doggy turned out to be another sweet doggy…just like the one we met at Panti Forest on our maiden drive to Johor. We would stop to take photos and then guessed if Doggy was still in front waiting..and sure enough he was always there….

Doggy turning back and slowing down every now and then to check if we
could catch up…

Even when we had to pass through the few tunnels, he would be there….

Scratch..scratch…”What was taking you human so long!”

So for the whole trip back to town, he was following and waiting for us, as if escorting us back to safety since we were the only ones walking there…

Sure enough when we reached the bridge at Tiansiang, Doggy turned back
heading home…So sweet! He really made sure he sent us back to safety
No wonder doggies are our most faithful friends…even when we only met
for the first time…

It was a nice walk and now that we had a better idea of the time needed to walk, we could plan our itinerary for tomorrow. The hostel had single trip transport to the different scenic spots but we thought we would prefer to slowly take our time to explore…well, it turned out to be not that great an idea, as you would find out more from the next Itchyfingers‘ posting! 😀

P.S. (January 2010): Recently, the news reported a fatal accident at Taroko National Park where falling rocks from the cliff hit a China tourist on the head. Please heed the advice on the signs and do not stay at a spot for too long.

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  1. Hello!
    Very Interesting post! Thank you for such interesting resource!
    PS: Sorry for my bad english, I’v just started to learn this language 😉
    See you!
    Your, Raiul Baztepo

    • Hi Raiul!

      Thank you and glad you enjoyed Itchyfingers! Don’t worry your English is fine! Do visit Itchyfingers from time to time!

  2. Hello !!! 😉
    I am Piter Kokoniz. Just want to tell, that your blog is really cool
    And want to ask you: will you continue to post in this blog in future?
    Sorry for my bad english:)
    Your Piter Kokoniz, from Latvia

    • Hi Piter!

      Thank you for visiting Itchyfingers! Sure, Itchyfingers is alive and kicking and will surely bring more topics to share with everyone! We are finishing up our Taiwan trip journal soon and will probably be writing about things happening around our little country, Singapore. Do drop by from time to time to visit. Thanks! 🙂

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