Itchyfingers in the Media…Well…not Exactly…

February 27, 2009 at 11:28 am | Posted in itchy mouth | 1 Comment
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Recently, Itchyfingers received an email from a writer of Guru Magazine of the Bangkok Post newspaper who happened to stumble across our post, In Search of Paper Clips, on the special fashion sense of local university students. The magazine wanted to write an article about it and asked our permission for the use of a photo. Itchyfingers were glad that our little observation had made it to the local magazine and would like to share this article with all.

Yeah! Itchyfingers featured in the media! Er…not exactly lah…just Itchyfingers’
pic of university girl with paper clip on the school uniform appearing on the 
20 February issue of the Guru Magazine…hahah….

Much earlier, our post had also inspired two blog entries by fellow bloggers. It is also one of the most read posts of Itchyfingers. 8)

The writer later wrote back to tell us of the good response from readers, many whom did not even notice the use of clips on uniforms until the article came out. 🙂

Itchyfingers are greatly encouraged and we hope to bring many more fun observations to readers in our following posts!

Do read more about the article from Guru Magazine here  🙂

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