Sh*t Happens – Taipei, Taiwan Trip #8

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I hate to visit the toilets whenever I am travelling. Firstly you dunnu where to find them when you need them since you are not familiar with the place and secondly, and most importantly, you dunnu how are the condition of the toilets locally. But when Itchyfingers were in the Taipei Zoo, I found myself more than eager to visit the loos….not because I was urgent all the time…then why leh? :p

The first toilet I visited at the zoo…was curious what was the sign about…

Upon entering the loo, the first thing I saw was the doors with animals’ backside prints….:p

Heee…so cute all of them showing backsides….

Then there was this big sign at the side showing the poo of different animals…

I like the use of puns in the Chinese title…

A closer look…what goes in must go out…so a meat eater like the Clouded 
Leopard will have longish and sticky poo whereas the herbivorous Formosan
Sika Deer’s pellet poo is dry on the surface….:p

Wow, so educational hor their loo? I thought that was about it so proceeded to go to the loo…

I chose the monkey door since we are close relatives…..hahah... 8)

I went in and closed the door….oh, what’s that?

The door with more info on the monkey’s poo….😀 The words were located
below cos the loos in Taiwan were mostly the squat kinds….

A closer look at the sign….

So then I was curious about the back of the other doors…would they be about the poo of the respective animals on the doors?

And sure enough…all of them had information at the back! 😀

I ran outta of the loo to get the camera from Tisu Boy…:p

Why do herbivorous’ poo contain traces of grass matter? Because the fiber are
tough to digest…

Another reason to eat your greens…😀

It was only now that I recalled seeing the same green poo-shaped toilet sign near the zoo entrance…does that mean that loo also has similar signs inside?

So after this first visit to the loo, I would always look out for other loos around.. 😀 And I was right….heee…:p

Part of a huge sign outside another toilet…this one talked about the recycling
of poo in nature…:p

See how one’s dung can be another’s sumptuous meal? heeee…and how
it can be fertiliser for plants to grow….? I love the cute cartoon…. 

Poor beetle…something must be wrong with the senses…if not why do they
like to eat sh*t? :p

Not only they had educational signs on animals’ poo in all the loos, there were different themes too! 

This one talked about converting poo into energy….:p

So I found myself so busy….:p Not only I was busy looking at the animals, I was also looking at their signages, landscaping and now, the loos! :p And there seemed to be so many loos around! We had only planned to stay till the early afternoon in the zoo as we wanted to go to Danshui to see the sunset. But the zoo was simply too big to explore around….and now I was also distracted by the loos…hahahah…that was the reason why I missed seeing the gorilla walking around….:(

So many poo-shape signs outside this loo near the hippo enclosure….must go
and take a look! 

Again, behind each animal sign, there were information on them and their diet…and of course…their poo!

Oh my…the African Elephants are really full of sh*t!

Hee…the White Rhinos like to poop at the same place…piling up like a mountain…:p

This is cute. The gorillas mark their territory by pooping on top of other 
gorilla’s poo poo…overpowering others’ scent…wow…i really like the cartoon…

More Qs & As inside the loo…

The interesting thing was that most of the time the loos were empty…so I could go freely from cubicle to cubicle to look and shoot the poo signs….hahha…er…wonder how come the other visitors dun need to go to the loo? :p

Another loo sign at the Bird World…and the theme…heavenly droppings…hahahahah

Here’s the reasons behind the heavenly droppings…:D

Hmm…this I din know…only know cow dungs can be sold for money…in 
India at least…:p

Oh, and elephant dungs are very useful too! Remember Itchyfingers bought
one handmade elephant dung notebook in Chiangmai, Thailand? No smell
at all…!  

Oh, while checking out the loo, Itchyfingers saw this sign and couldn’t help giggling…er…in all due respect to toilet cleaners for keeping the loos hygenic…er..we din mean to be so mean lah…we are just being a bit naughty….hahahah…but it is really a bit funny leh….:p

Er…the name sounds a bit…for the working environment hor…? Er…typo
error on the sign…:p 

This nice loo next to MacDonalds had no poo signs…

Notice there were numbers on the green poo-shape toilet signs? I guess there must be many more loos in the zoo, too bad we had limited time to spend…we had our late lunch only at around 3pm and after eating, we felt we might not be able to rush to Danshui in time for the sunset, since the winter sun seemed to set much earlier…But all was not lost, cos we managed to catch the Cowparade instead..hahah 😀 But given the chance to visit again, I would definitely love to check out all the loos…hahah…afterall, they are entertaining as well as very educational…certainly a fun way to learn more about animals…and of course, their poo! 😀

Poo art plastered on the wall outside loo near entrance….wow! one piece of 
sh*t had gone missing!

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Holy Sh*t!


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  1. i wonder if the inside of any of those “squat and *” stall doors had folddown trays? 😛

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