Into the Parade – Chingay Wonderland 2009 #3

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There were some great pre-parade performances this year…Not sure about last year, cos we din arrive early enough :p There were some groups which performed on both nights while some only did so for one night. Of the many pre-parade performances, this group of mostly young malays really warmed up the audiences with their energetic Hip-hop and street dancing…incorporating a bit of cheerleading dance…

The Fantastic Crew…

I also like the energy displayed by a drum group and how at the end they were able to interact with the audiences. But we din take any photos of them because most of the time they were back facing us! I think all the performing groups should always switch their positions every now and then to face audiences from both sides of the road. :O

Compared to last year, there seemed to be more groups doing dragon dancing or floats that looked like dragons…and more involving fire….Er, I thought this year is supposed to be Year of (Earth) Ox and not Year of (Fire) Dragon? Not many cows appeared, except for this ugly one…or did Itchyfingers missed out others?

I dunnu, but I thought this cow looked more like a demon, swaggering like
a gangster cow :p Er…maybe cows dun fit in the theme of ‘Wonderland’?

Playing with fire…

Spitting fire!

Fire from dragon!

And for those paying audiences sitting in front of the Padang, there were also the Fire Dragon troupe from Zhongqing, China with spectacular display of fire thrown in the air. Of course, there was also the fire-burning performance by a local illusionist. Such fiery night!

Besides the absence of cow figures, for a while we also thought we were in a some kind of national funeral procession…. :p cos many of the groups, especially those chinese cultural or religious group had some sort of lorries or other moving vehicles that really reminded us of, er, well, a funeral procession…. 😀

Er, looked like funeral or not? :p Haha…there were some lorries and vans 
decorated with lights but they really looked like funeral hearse….hahahah…. 

There seemed to have a lot more monsters parading around too…especially from the grand finale group…

Fox lady

Monstrous group…

The mask from Indonesia..

But most of the time, audiences were dazzled by the many colourful costumes donned by the various groups.

So graceful

So colourful

The headgears were also very fanciful

Fiery pink!

Food…glorious food….golden lobster, anyone? 

Beautiful fan dancing from Korea

There were no lack of comical acts…


It’s funny just looking at the guys’ makeups… 😀

And there were also heart-warming moments…

Just when everyone had their eyes pinned on the gracious Korean dancers
busy performing to entertain the audiences, these two best-of-friends from
different racial backgrounds were happily holding hands in their own world…

There was this whole colony of insects – ants, butterflies and bees…

Ants stealing cheese and muffins…

Another ant…

Lady Bee

We also had celebrity making star appearance….

Bart Simpson!

The rock-n-roll dancing from some kids were also entertaining. Everyone was dancing with a partner, but this little boy seemed to have lost his partner…

But he was having as much fun dancing alone! 😀 

Then on the actual parade night, we tried to look for him to see if he had found his partner this time…and yes! He had a partner! And the cute thing was his partner was this youngest girl in the group…

See the little young lady! At such young age, she demonstrated skillful footworks!
We were glad for the boy for having a partner this night, but it was only now
looking at the photo that we realised that right behind this boy, there was
another boy dancing alone again! 

Oh my goodness! Were Itchyfingers’ eyes doing tricks or were these two 
boys twins? They looked so alike! Now we weren’t sure which of these two
boys was the first lonely boy on the preview night! Confused liao! 😀 

Itchyfingers will definitely be back for more on next year’s Chingay Parade! 8)

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  1. hey there. im the coach of fantastic crew cheerleading team. i saw your entry. thank you for the compliment. 🙂 just wondering if you have any pics of us durin chingay? is it possible for you to send it to me?


    • Great job on training a fantastic team! We do have more pic but currently I am a bit busy with work. Will try to collate some better ones and send you.

  2. wow! fantastic crew is actually featured! coolness!

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