Before the Show – Chingay Wonderland 2009 #2

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Being early to catch the Chingay performers’ preparation was interesting as you really got to see them close and catch all the candid moments. Since it was gonna be a long night, obviously they had to make sure that the stomach won’t go empty…

Munching on burgers….

Eating rice with hands…

After filling the stomach, the time was still early, then how?

Wait here lor….

Or wait there lor…

If not…

Touch up make-up a bit lor… :p

Luckily there were so many photographers around, so the performers could kill time by posing for photos…

So last minute…or last split seconds before the shutter released, an extra head
will pop up lor…

If no one took photos for you, maybe can also self-entertain…

You take my photo and I take yours lor… 8)

Some groups arrived later…probably something wrong with the props? :p

Oh no, the butterfly’s dead! :p

Besides those that looked seemingly unfriendly or unapproachable maybe due to the make-ups or masks that put Itchyfingers off from taking their photos, these groups of guys also made Itchyfingers feel so shy photographing them…

Aiyo! Full bus load of guys wearing skin-clinging spaghetti-strapped tops! 
Er…but how come none looked fit har? Then maybe the costume designer 
should use some other fabric? Er..and why the shirts all got big faces har?
Not very nice leh…. 

It was only later during the parade that we realised why…

The tummies transformed into faces! Hahaha….no wonder they needed guys
with big tummies…

And they actually looked quite funny and cute now! Hahaha…

Sometimes, if you caught the performers in the right mood, you might even get to see free performances meant only for those who paid for a seat at the Padang. 

The Javanese fanning his super big mask in the middle of the road that
had only partial road block…. 

The Javanese ladies started dancing on the street…maybe they needed some 
warm ups? 

The photographers must be the happiest cos immediately these ladies were
surrounded by at least 20 or 30 flashing cameras…!

Then the big big mask also joined in…they all danced around and then suddenly, in a shift and skilled manner, one of the Javanese ladies jumped and mounted herself on the big mask!

And swayed along with the music! Tisu Girl’s view was blocked by the many
photographers that were so much taller!

True enough, they were not in the same mood to do an impromptu performance on the next day. 😦 So we were lucky on the first day to see them performing for at least five minutes before proceeding to the parade ground to get ourselves a good spot. Yeah! Worth all the time and effort spent reaching so early before the show! 😀

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