Beauties and the Beasts – Chingay Wonderland 2009 #1

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Like last year, Itchyfingers went photo taking on both nights of the Chingay preview and parade. But this time we made sure we arrived earlier to catch the performers preparing for the show. Since Itchyfingers are more used to taking photos of nature and architecture, we were at first quite shy about going so close taking people. So we kept at a distance and took photos of them. They were all dressed in beautiful costumes with fancy makeups. But the performers were amazing! They were more than happy to be photographed! Everyone was so happy and enthusiastic, they must had felt proud to be part of the parade. Walking among these performers, somehow made us feel like part of the parade too, with a sense of involvement and participation… :p It was especially exciting to see those familiar faces whom we just shot earlier before the show at the actual parade dancing and performing.

One of the earlier shots we took without them noticing…

Another shots taken secretly from a distance…Almost everyone looked
gorgeous and beautiful in their outfit..

Even guys were beautiful to look at! Look at the curly lashes and big eyes!
He was supposed to be an Indian God…I think it’s Krishna…

There were Chinese beauty…

Thai beauty…

Javanese beauty…

Another Javanese beauty…

One more Javanese beauty…

Malay beauty…

‘Angmoh’ beauty…

Eurasian beauties…

African sexy beauty…oh my! She was surrounded by photographers!

Beauty with braces….:p

Flower beauties…

Colorful beauties…

Pink ladies…

Little Japanese beauties…

University elvish beauties…

Beautiful drag queen….hahah… 😀

But best of all…

Natural beauty! Three cheers for our national swimmer Yip Pin Xiu for her
strength and courage in overcoming her physical disadvantage and won a gold medal
in the 50m backstroke and a silver medal in the 50m freestyle in Beijing Paralympics! 

Besides the beauties, there were a few that looked quite scary…some put on monstrous masks, some put on hideous make-ups, while others were…well…naturally scary looking….hahahah…..:D

Performer from Indonesia…

Wow such teeth! 😀

And there was this one that looked so fearsome that Itchyfingers dared not really go so close to take his photo…in the end we found all our photos of him were blur…..:p

Super full length big wig with bold make-ups made him look very unfriendly…
and he always looked so serious…no smiles at all…..Itchyfingers quickly
snapped and ran away….:o

I guessed I preferred to take the beauties….hahahah….8)

Friendly NUS students posing for Itchyfingers while we crossed the road
to the parade ground…

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