Colours of Spring – Sentosa Flowers 2009

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Itchyfingers went to Sentosa to look at flowers last week. It was a weekday afternoon, but since a lot of people were still having their long Chinese New Year break, the crowd was as overwhelming as last year. 

It was the only the fifth day of the nine-days event and there were already signs of some flowers withering. I think some visitors might be responsible for it too, thanks to their itchy fingers. Overall, I felt that last year’s event was much better…the flowers were somehow nicer with more varieties. Well, maybe cos some of the landscaping seemed to be permanent exhibits, like the African bird sculptures we saw last year, so there were lesser surprises for us this time round.

The same swans as last year…I dunnu…maybe they were permanent fixtures
at the Merlion Tower? 

The design for this standee looked familar…the same characters were used
last year…maybe they need to cut cost..? 

Remember the rose-bud like flowers we loved but din know the name?
Itchyfingers found this sign at the Singapore Zoo!

The real McCoy….Rose, Rose, I love you…lah lah lah lah lah… 😀

There were these teeny weeny flowers that caught Itchyfingers‘ attention this time round. They were so small that you could easily miss them… 

They came in different colours but all of them looked like butterflies…especially
this one! 

One more…

Another one…

And another one…!

One of the red ones..

Ah! Finally a sign to tell us that this flower is called Bugleweed
pyramidalis). It also said, “This little gem looks like a superior miniature
spinach, with heavily crinkled leaves in a deep bronze green and metallic sheen.
…The indigo flowers are much-loved by bees in the late spring.” 

The happy Cow family…

It was such a hot day…but that didn’t dampen people’s mood and stop them from admiring and taking photos of the flowers under the scorching sun. While I took shelter and rested my big itchybackside enjoying the breeze, Tisu Boy was busy chasing around this little fella for a candid shot…

A little Bumblebee in action! Clap clap for Tisu Boy! 😀

A close up…

We moved on from Imbiah to the Palawan station, a new venue for the flower festival. We were strolling along the pavement when we heard people calling out loud excitedly and saw some squirrels chasing around on one of the Palm Trees at the side. As these squirrels are one of the commonest mammals in Singapore’s gardens and forests, initially we din really take much notice and wanted to move on until two of them started to behave differently…One of them grabbed the other by the lower part of the body and started to….er….

..mate! A pair of Plantain Squirrels mating! 

Oh my goodness! It was the first time we witnessed the squirrels’ mating! And we didn’t have the proper zoom lens to record it down! It lasted barely five seconds before they ran further up the tree…probably alarmed at the commotion made by the many people taking photos and talking excitedly at their ‘rare’ sighting of squirrels in Singapore. Aiyo..think they need to get outta the house more often lah…Wonder if they even notice that the two fellas just mated in front of all of us? 

There were some winning and merit awards recycling art projects by local school students. 

Project by students…forgot to see which school did this…but it looked a bit 
messy to me… 

‘Vibrant Oxen’ by Angelo Chinese Junior College. This came in third

‘Happiness and Harmony’ by Casuarina Primary School…they came in second..

The first prize – ‘Celebrations of Life’ by Assumption English School…I thought
I prefer the third winner….:p

But I liked this ‘con man’ the most….er…I mean ‘corn man’
8) This was part
of the project by Ai Tong School titled, “Embracing Spring”

Wow! We used to grow this flowers at the balcony when I was a young Tisu….
very hardy flowers! 

This flower looked like from a salad bowl…:p

Then we saw this huge green mountain patch on the sandy beach and wondered why did the organiser do up a big tomb-like thing in flower festival…but as we walked around it, we saw a few similiar but smaller green patches and realised that they are all in the shape of turtles!

A small turtle…right behind it was the huge turtle that looked like a big tomb…
especially since it was nearly impossible to see the whole thing from near…

So the huge tomb-like turtles were there cos in 2000, a Hawksbill Turtle
turned up at Sentosa’s Tanjong Beach to lay eggs…wow! if Itchyfingers
were to witness that, I think I would go crazy….I simply love turtles!

After an ice-kacang break, we chanced upon the Palwang Amphitheare and were told that the show was starting in 15minutes’ time. When the show started, I thought I was in Jurong Bird Park…not sure since when did they have this…cos we dun visit Sentosa that often…

A Pig-tailed Macaque descending the tree after plucking some coconuts…

A juvenile White-bellied Fish Eagle, the largest raptor found commonly in
Singapore, flapping its wings and about to take off…

Har? “Singapore got eagles meh?” was always the reply we got from people…sigh…yes…we are small but we do have wild lives…if you are willing to step outta your house and start looking around…. 😮

How did the Macaw manage to figure out 3 + 13 = 16? 

As with other animal shows, the presenter would always try to spread some conservation messages to the audiences. Then a volunteer was asked to go up stage for participation…a cute little girl gamely raised her hand and had fun feeding another macaw from her hands. Then the presenter took out a balloon and started pumping air into it…and her immediate reaction was so cute!

The little girl’s instinct was to cover her ears in case the balloon burst! 

The presenter trying hard to twist the balloon into shape as quickly as possible,
taking care not to burst it…see her hands were still firmly covering her ears!

And finally done! A cute birdie standing on a ring as a souvenir for the
little girl…ah…now it was safe to remove the fingers from her ears…:D

When a second volunteer was asked up on the stage again, it started drizzling…and when the show finally ended, the rain also got heavier and heavier. Had intended to hang around Sentosa Island for a little while since we seldom visit it, but the heavy rain cut short our visit. The flowers might not be as attractive last year, but we managed to bring some fond memories back with us, especially the two mating squirrels…hahah… 8)

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