Exchanging Greetings with Mandarin Oranges

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It is a tradition to bring along two mandarin oranges for visiting during the Chinese New Year as the fruit in mandarin is ‘橘’, which sounds like ‘吉’, meaning ‘auspicious’. 

Mandarin oranges…the sweet ones are really delicious

So you wish everyone ‘大吉大利’ (auspicious and prosperous) for the new year when you present them with the two fruits and…hey wait…

Do you see anything wrong with the picture above?

Er, nothing, just some oranges…

Er, maybe one looked smoother and smaller and that’s all…but that’s normal cos depending on where you buy from, the fruit may come from different countries or farms…and it’s common when exchanging oranges that you will get back some bigger, smaller, smoother or rougher oranges…

Hmm…this one must be one that was exchanged from some friends or relatives
during visits…

But look again….

Tada!  😀

A clever packaging design inspired by nature! This cute little orange is actually a container for moisturising cream given by Itchyfingers‘ friend when she visited Japan… 😀 Even the cream smells like oranges….hahah…. 8)

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