Wow Cow! Holy Cow! So Many Cows! – CowParade @ Taipei, Taiwan Trip #5

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Since we just ushered in the Year of Ox, Itchyfingers simply couldn’t get enough of cows, ox and bulls…but there were really many more cow sculptures at the CowParade that we like or find interesting and would like to share with all as well as credit the artists. :p

The volunteer who spoke to us earlier said that the artists were given three months’ time to complete their cows. Some spent less than a day to complete while others spent more time. One artist, started working on his work from day one till the very last day…why?? Because he had too many little monster characters to draw…:p

This one titled, 哪裡?哪裡? Where? Where? by 阿咧先生 Mr. A-Lei

Viewers were supposed to find the location of these two little monsters among
the thousands of drawings he made…a hint by the volunteers: try looking at
the legs…Itchyfingers didn’t manage to find them…too eye-straining….hahah! 

The words below said, “not filling up all the areas to give some breathing space…”

Wow Cow! Cape No. 7

Another cow that caught my attention was this one titled, 三隻鹿 3 Deers by 莊普 Tsong, Pu. Initially I thought that the artist wanted to highlight environmental issue through the declining numbers of the 台湾梅花鹿 Formosan Sika Deers in the wild. But upon reading the rationale later, I realised the artist’s intention was to mob at the recent milk scandal involving the Salu Group from China

Called “三鹿” (“Salu” in Chinese translates as “3 Deers”), but it produces milk
product. The milk scandal caused an uproar on the credibility of cow milk product

Another cow that had transformed into a sheep with ping-pong balls strung
together…牛羊變 Transformation of Two Animals by 陳浚豪 Chen, Chun-Hao

Since it is the Year of Ox, everyone hopes the new year would be better. As ‘Ox’ in chinese reads as niu ‘牛’, and sounds like ‘扭’  in ‘扭转乾坤’, which means to turn a situation around…so we pin all our hope on the poor fella to change the present world economy to a better one….:p

牛轉乾坤 The Super Cow that can Turn the World by 
 Lee, Ming-Hsien. Cut in halves, the cow could turn 180 degree to 
further play on the pun of the chinese idiom, 扭转乾坤. Quite clever…:p

Try whipping 穴道牛 Acupunture Cow by 丁凡 Balas King for some good luck

Or pray to the divine and ask for some advices at 
虔誠 籤誠 Devotional Cow
by 劉蒨茹 Liou, Chian-Ru 

麒麟送子 Chilin Delivering the Baby by Wu, Yi-HsinChilin‘ is an
auspicious creature in the Chinese mythology 

And it delivered a baby with a camera! 😀

孫悟空 The Monkey King by 法利 Mohd Farid Bin Muhamad Sobberi.
Interesting to see a non-chinese depict a Chinese icon…

Some cows did not carry any political, social or religious messages but they were simply beautiful to look at…

時尚名媛 -牛小姐 Miss Cow – The Fashion Queen by
林國基 Lin Go-Ji 

旗袍 Cheongsam
by 陈舜芝 Chen, Shun-Chin

Cute diamanté butterfly on the butt

行走的海洋 Walking Ocean by   Huang, Lan-Ya

羽牛 Feathers Cow by 游文富 Yu, Wen-Fu

Many were related to Taiwan’s food, culture and scenery…

小籠牛 Steamed Dumpling Cow
by 郭巧雯 Kuo, Chiao-Wen 

珍珠奶茶牛 Bubble Milk Tea by Tsai, Chieh-Hsin and Ji, Ling-Yu

台灣風情 The Breeze of Taiwan by 樊哲賢 Jason J.S. Fan 

最牛的台灣 Wow Cow! What a Harvest in Taiwan! by
Teddy Ho

Cute birdies perching on the cow’s body

Girl on Taipei 101 on 台北景色 The Scenery of Taipei by 王秀琪 Wang, Hsiu-Chi 

There were two separate exhibition venues for the CowParade, unfortunately we didn’t have the chance to visit the other one. But it was a fun visit, for me, I enjoyed the many quirky, fun and beautiful cow sculptures. For Tisu Boy, he preferred the old buildings…occupational hazard I guess…:p Certainly hope to catch more of the CowParade in other cities if we have the chance, and hopefully, it will come to Singapore one day! 8)

Miniature herd of cows in the field…

Wall to floor poster at the cow shop…:p Miniature replicates of past CowParade
cows were on sale… 


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Happy New Year!


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