Gong Xi Fa Cai! – Taipei, Taiwan Trip #4

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During the Chinese New Year, the most common greeting must be “Gong Xi Fa Cai“, since it is everyone’s wish to be blessed with a prosperous year, especially so in this period of economic downturn. “Ang Bao” or “red packet” is a monetary gift given by the elders to children or youth during the Lunar New Year, as a blessing for good luck, good health, good school results etc…:p 

During our visit to Taiwan, we saw many shops selling the red packets. While there were many traditional design, there were also some very modern and minimalistic designs. But these were a little bit costly at more than S$4 per pack of about 6 – 8 packet so I had to stop my itchyfingers from buying them.

But we ended up buying a pack from a local designer’s shop, 26 Creative…the staff told us the pack contained an assortment of design…but in actual fact there were only one design inside. 😦

The owl is the same one the designer featured on her cow design :p

We got another pack of ang bao packet free after we purchased an illustration book from another local designer, Cubbish. This time, there were two designs in the pack of four ang bao.

I like his quirky characters…:p

Back of the red packet with the logo…stickers with logo were provided for
sealing the pack 

Open up the envelope and you would see all these wishes inside…:p

Wishing the recipient an endless flow of cash so impossible to finish 
counting that would tire out the hands…:p

We also got complementary packs of ang bao when we visited the Presidential Palace. Didn’t really take notice of them as they were the more traditional design. 

Free red packets given when we visited the Presidential Palace of Taiwan

It was only when we were back that we realised that the wordings were written by the present president of Taiwan, Mr Ma Ying-jeou. Wow Cow!

Wow Cow! Wishes from the President! Dun play play hor!

Complementary couplet that had the same design…

Hmmm…I know many people collect ang bao packets as hobby…maybe should auction these online for some pocket money? 😀 Hahah… 8)

恭喜发财, 红包拿来! 😀 

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