Holy Cow! – CowParade @ Taipei, Taiwan Trip #3

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As mentioned in the last post, Itchyfingers somehow did not take much notice of this particular cow. It wasn’t because it was not aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, but maybe because it was surrounded by too many other more colourful cows in the gallery converted from the old winery that we were distracted, with me taking only one close-up pic of the body. If it was placed together with all the other black-and-white cows in the other gallery, we might have look more in detail. 😦 Holy Cow! I was really surprised to find out who was behind this cow, especially since he is not from Taiwan and he is not really an artist.

So who was this?

Hint No. 1: He is from the entertainment line…an actor, singer…I think he also writes songs and produces movies?

Hnt No. 2: He may not be from Taiwan, but his popularity spans more than 20 years across Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Singapore or maybe many more countries with Chinese

Hint No. 3: Itchyfingers posted a picture of his wax figure from our Hong Kong Trip…

So, have you gotten the answer? 

Initially, Itchyfingers couldn’t believe he did it considered his busy schedule…But we found evidence from various sites with work-in-progress pictures. (translated report here).

Andy Lau 劉德華  with his cow, titled  (reads as ‘ben’ 奔) taken from this
. The two graphical ox were named, “Andox” and “Blackie” :p 

Actually after reading his rationale, I quite like it…:p Itchyfingers quote from the report: “I have an affinity with ox, my Chinese zodiac is ox, my first soft toy designs are also 2 ox: Andox and Blackie, I called these 2 creations of mine, my sons. I’m glad that I’m able to take part in this designing activity of Cow Parade Taipei 2009, it gives me another platform to design ox, I treat myself as the big ox, I’ve limited ideas, drew my 2 sons on the body of the ox, they’re rushing towards Taipei, thus meet the theme of the festival, this is also a charity, this is some bits that we can do as a family.” (note: “rushing cow” means “奔牛” in Mandarin, the Chinese translation for CowParade)

Holy Cow! Seems like this time Itchyfingers really 有眼不识泰山! :O Should have taken more pictures of Andy Lau’s cow! :O

I love what the food critic, Anto Engo from Pixar’s animated film, Ratatouille said, “Not everyone can become a great artist, but a great artist can come from anywhere.” Andy Lau’s 犇 a fine example of “you don’t have to be an artist to be an artist”. :p

Oh, Itchyfingers did manage to take a full pic of  Andy Lau’s 犇 (left)  in the gallery….:p
The one with many heart-shapes is untitled 愛之翼 Wings of Love by
吳昌怡 Emily Wu

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Happy New Year!


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