Wow Cow! – CowParade @ Taipei, Taiwan Trip #2

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“哇靠” (reads “wow cow”) is a common exclamation used in Taiwan. So when you have a colourful display of more than 100 cow sculptures, what better words other than 哇靠 could sum up all the feeling of excitement? 8)

Itchyfingers were told by a staff at one of the local designer’ shops that there is an ongoing international exhibition (until 1 Feb) called the CowParade. Originating from Zurich a decade ago, CowParade has spread across the globe, with Taipe being the 65th city in the world to hold the event. It was pure coincidence that the launch of the exhibition happened around the Chinese New Year period. Curious, we decided to pay CowParade Taiwan a visit and were dazzled by the many beautiful cow scultpures on display.

Wow Cow! The banner reminded me of the dashing cows in the movie,

The venue of the CowParade, the 华山艺文馆 HuaShan Culture Park, certainly deserved a mention too. Like our own South Bridge Development which hosted the Singapore Biennale last year, the HuaShan Culture Park was also converted from some old buildings including the old Taipei winery.  

Part of the old winery…see the chimney?

The chimney standing tall

Even in the now-converted galleries, one could still see evidence of the building’s history…

This should be one of the barrels used for brewing alcohol…

The spotlights made the kiln looked as if it was burning…

A look inside…

Out of the many cow sculptures, there were some that left deeper impression on us. One of the most interactive cows must be this one titled 50/50 互動牛 by 華碩電腦 ASUS.

Tisu Girl wondering what were the mother and daughter trying to do…

So I also kaypo and went to the half-bodied cow to take a peep…Wow Cow! I saw myself! 😀

I quickly told Tisu Boy my discovery and asked him to take a look too..

Tisu Boy peeping into the half cow…

Wow Cow! He took a picture of what he saw…:p

Now you see? The half cow had two eye pieces for you to look at yourself before pressing the button to take a picture. So where was the camera?

Hidden inside this ball of shrub…😀

The fun thing is you can view your picture online…😀

So now Tisu Girl also posed for a picture…This one by Tisu Boy’s camera…

And this was what the cow camera took, downloaded from their flickr site
I also found the first picture where I was a passerby…:p

We found many of the street food sold at Shi Lin Night Market (士林夜市) appearing on this cow titled, 台北合城 Image of Taipei Culture by 陳沛彤 Chen, Pei-Tung.

This black-and-white cow was not the least monotonous once you take a closer

Pig’s blood! Tisu Boy wanted to eat this even before we were in Taiwan!
And there’s herbal tea, stinky beancurd here…

And my favourite! They called it the ‘frogs laid eggs’ – a jelly drink…

Steamed buns!

I wanted to look for more food illustrations on the other side of the cow but was disappointed to find the style of drawing quite different, with no more food. It was as if the two sides were done by different people.

Actually these showed the different kind of people living in Taiwan…but I still
prefer the other side with cute hawkers… :p

It was easy to spot 上學了,放牛吃草去 ! School just for Fun! by 張凡旋 Francis just across the room, cos she has such distinctive style. We were looking forward to seeing her cow after patronising her shop, 26 Creative.

So whimsical yet cute! 😀

A volunteer happened to pass by and told me the story behind this work: The kid on the cow was trying to run away from school. Wearing a pair of magical slippers, he carried with him his school bag full of failed assessment and test papers and brought along his many animal friends with him to play in the field…catching dragonflies and fishes.

Going for a cow ride!

Actually he brought along another friend who was hiding behind the cow’s 
backside, which now resembled an elephant head with a long trunk…er…
you gotta use a little bit of imagination if you can’t figure out the elephant… 

Yeeks! I forgot what she said about this kid sitting on the stool blowing bubbles…:(
Notice her figures all had two different facial expressions on both sides?
This side was a girl with long ponytail… :p 

This was easily one of my favourites. 😀

Most of the cows retained the look of a cow, but there was this one titled, 我所到之处 A Little Space of us by 两两 树, 221 Trees, that really stood out from the rest…there was no evidence of it being a cow, except perhaps its spiky udders….

Bold and creative! I wonder where did the cow head go to…er, actually I dun
really understand the title, the volunteer was not around for me to ask any
questions. But I thought this looked more like the Chinese New Year mystical

The back

Then there was this understated cow that you might miss cos of its simplicity. Tisu Boy totally dismissed this piece and didn’t take any photos… 😦 At least I thought the patterns were quite interesting that I took this closeup…:o

Making use of the technique of pointalism, the artist painstakingly formed up
graphical representation of ox imageries 

It was only when I was preparing to write about the CowParade that I realised who was the creative mind behind this cow…Wow Cow! I think he must be the most well-known among all the artists here…

So who was the artist? Read the next Itchyfingers to find out! 8)

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Happy New Year!


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