The Lost Rabbits and Missing Pandas

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Itchyfingers just visited the Chinatown Chinese New Year stalls this evening. I was not surprised by the lack of variety of new year goodies. Afterall, the market just recovered from the melamine scare in China milk product, which basically affected the reputation for all products made in China. Like the past few years, there are many stalls selling the Taiwan Moi Chee, candies, nuts, cookies…same old stuff. But I think what made this year different must be the absence of the familar sight of the old times candy, the Big Rabbit Milk Candy 大白兔奶糖.

The Rabbit Candy…since I couldn’t find it at the new year stalls, had to borrow
this picture from
this site

I am sure many of you have fond memories of the candy and had eaten it as a kid especially during Chinese New Year. The most unforgettable thing about this candy must be its cute rabbit mascot and the special edible rice paper. I remembered always trying to peel off the rice paper from the candy without tearing it but was never successful, and had to pop the whole thing in my mouth. It was one of those few indulgences I gave myself when I was a poor student in Australia. :O I was surprised to read on the papers after the candy had been found to be tainted with melamine that there were people eating as many as ten or more of this candy for the past few decades! (Couldn’t find the link to the news report…) Er…it is a great tasty milk candy, but a bit more towards the sweet side….so I wondered how these people can eat so many and still have a proper set of teeth….:p  It’s sad that this new year, many fans of the candy will miss it. It is making a come back now, but I think it will take consumers some time before they will start buying the Big Rabbit Milk Candy. 😦

Tisu Boy’s colleague happened to visit China last year and gave out this cute little chocolate to everyone in the office. Now I wonder why nobody ever bring in this chocolate to Singapore? After all, it has one of the cutest animals on the packaging, nevermind the chocolate may not taste very delicious…not enough milk for my preference…:p But surely that can be improved since they already have such nice branding?

A cute little panda on the packaging! 

The content is as cute, only not milky enough…:p

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