The Art of Hanging Dirty Laundry

January 12, 2009 at 9:00 am | Posted in itchy fingers | Leave a comment
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It’s funny how some people are so pantang (Malay for ‘taboo’) that they believe that a piece of simple clothing can bring one bad luck. I am not too sure of other races, but a lot of Chinese people (older ones especially) think that walking pass or under someone’s underwear, especially those belonging to females, will bring them bad luck. But then how? Dun need to hang? Then how to dry?!? :O

Itchyfingers‘ neighbours staying near the staircase like to make use of the extra space outside their unit as a private clothes-haning area, and would display all sorts of undergarments – new ones, old ones, loose ones, big and old-fashioned ones….for all to see. So imagine you are one of those si bay pantang person, how would you react if you have to see these unsexy and unsightly underwears everyday when you walk up the stairs? Do you curse and swear and spit at the innocent clothings to vent your anger or you just walk away quickly to reduce the ‘impact’ of the bad luck?

My neighbours had a solution to pacify the patang folks…


Simply by pasting bright red auspicious wordings to ward off whatever bad luck! 8)

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