Say Cheese with a Big Pearly Smile!

December 31, 2008 at 8:49 pm | Posted in itchy mouth | Leave a comment
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Tonight is the last night for 2008 – an eventful year for many people. With 2008 coming to an end we welcome 2009 with open arms in the hope that things will get better for everyone – a better economy; a safer world; a better health; a better career….a better everything…. :p So let’s celebrate the beginning of a new life ahead, joined by friends and families…and what better way than to give everyone a sincere smile and a warm hug? 😀

Er, but just in case you have problem in that department…Itchyfingers has this lobang for you…cheap, economical and environmental-friendly too….:p

Dentures, anyone?  😀 Er..looked like recycled ones though… :O

According to Itchyfingers’ colleague who knows Thai and has many Thai friends, this was what his Thai friend helped translate for us:

“Genuine Dentures For Sale. Cheaper than the original market price. Please come and have a look.”

Er…this roadside stall even had business cards…Eeeee…just maybe not too hygienic for some….:p

Fret not, here’s another better lobang to look your best for 2009….

A proper dental clinic…I like the cartoon with braces…haha… 8)

Now, say cheese will you? 😀

Happy New Year from Itchyfingers!

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