Shower Me with Your Love… – Lost in Translation #2

December 20, 2008 at 10:31 am | Posted in itchy fingers | 2 Comments
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Still thinking of what to buy for Christmas? On a tight budget due to economic downturn? Wanna buy something special, different and unexpected yet useful? Fret not…you can still bring some joy and laughter to loved ones without breaking the bank!

Chanced upon this one day at a Japanese low-price store and nearly fell off the chair (if I were sitting on one…hahah).

“What the h*ll is this?” I exclaimed.

“Dunu…why these Japanese sell all sorts of funny things har…” Tisu Boy was also blur blur…

The first thing that caught my attention was these biggest and most eye-catching words against a bright orange background…out of the many Japanese words were these two striking Chinese characters…and they had to be read as this…


What? Nipples? Nipples in a box? What the h*ll was that? :O

I thought it was those nipple covers but it was displayed under the wrong department leh…this was under the cosmetic and beauty care…until we read the smaller prints…then it was quite obvious what was that…can’t blame us, who asked them to emphasize so much on those two characters?

Huge words in Chinese reads “NIPPLE”…

Wow lao…so it was some kinda medicinal creamy milk shower gel…probably for home spa use, like in a bathtub…nothing to do with nipples lah

I know the Japanese Kanji character is similar to Chinese character in writing, but not necessarily similar in meaning. But I really couldn’t imagine what has ‘Nipples” to do with spa, or shower gel…or what is the actual meaning of the Kanji character? Maybe it referred to the milky texture of the gel…I dunnu…but it was certainly very funny when we first saw it! 😀

Back of the pack

Side of the pack

So how? Can consider buying this for a Christmas gift? It’s useful, funny and your friend will smell good after a great shower. Best of all it only cost $2! Haha…cheapskate Itchyfingers… 8)

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  1. It is a place in Japan:



    This gel probably came from there (hotsprings love to sell their own products e.g. bath salt & shower gel.. oh and ice cream hahah)

    Oh the kanji meaning is indeed the same as the chinese.. but for this case, the mountain was called 乳头山 hence the name (double checked with my friend haha.. in case I gave wrong info)

    • So des ne! So it is a name for this place! So interesting! 😀 Thanks for the enlightenment! Must really go visit the Land of the Rising Sun! 😀

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