The Elephant Terrace – Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia Trip #7

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After visiting the Bayon, Itchyfingers continued to visit The Terrace of the Elephants – part of the walled city of Angkor Thom. At 300m long, the huge platform of the Elephant Terrace runs from the entrance of the Bayon to the the Terrace of the Leper King. Built by Jayavarman VII with additions by later kings, the Elephant Terrace was the foundation for royal reception pavilions to view the victorious returning army. However, made of wood, they have not survived. 

Only the platform is left today. The field was soaked with water from the 
heavy rain…Can you figure out what were the carvings on both sides of the stairs? 

Five staircases, three in the center and one at each end, lead up to the high platform, which is furnished with naga railings. They are flanked with elephant heads. 

The tree-headed elephant at the stairways

Know why it’s called Elephant Terrace?

Cos the main wall at the eastern face of the platform was carved with elephants….

But they also had the garudas on the other side…

But due to natural weathering of the stones, the details of many of the elephants are
hardly visible…you could barely make out the trunks here…there seemed to be
a buddha carving here…

Hunting scenes with elephants were carved into the wall in several places

A closer look at the garudas and lions on the other side of the elephant stairway

Walking up the stairs we saw more of these figures holding onto the platform…
so strong….

We didn’t stay at the Elephant Terrace for too long due to its incomplete state and also cos it was quite hot…the place was not sheltered at all…so we left shortly. But I read later than we had missed the five-headed and eight-headed horses somewhere at the northern end…! 😦

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  1. Lovely saga and photos! Clearly, we share the same travel perspective. Life is about exploring and new adventures. your sagas in would highligth this world! Please Sign up it’s free, and share with the rest of the world your wonderful adventures.

  2. Amazing photos! Hope you enjoy the rest of your trip 🙂

    • Thanks! Do check out our other entries on Angkor Wat!

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