The “Die-Die-Must-See”! – Singapore Biennale 2008 #2

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One of the joy of going for this year’s Biennale is being able to experience the charm of old architecture in Singapore. The South Beach Development, a cluster of colonial building along Beach Road just opposite Raffles Hotel, used to be the Beach Road Camp, the Non-Commissioned Officers’ Club Building and the Former Beach Road Police Station. This was also the site for the first National Service enlistment in 1967.

The South Beach Development

In honor of the volunteers

Tisu Girl entering the historical building in excitment

The stairs up to the first exhibition were covered with plank wood and seriousyly made you wonder if they were gonna give way everytime we took a new step up. Luckily, we didn’t have to worry about that again as the rest of the stairs were pretty strong and stable…:p

Old stairs

A little intro on the old buildings

In the different blocks, you could still find things left behind from the past.

Were these meant to hang the helmets/hats of police or army officers?

The Reading Room

Old safe

Another flight of stairs leading to an old gate…

…bringing us to corridors with many small rooms exhibiting different work.
I love the effects of the bulbs! Very nostalgic!

Walls were infested with termites’ trails…

And while you were at it, dun forget to look up at the roof!

Wow! Actually I have never seen the interior of the roof before…so sua gu! :p
You have meh? 8)

Some of the exhibition rooms had these interesting floor pattern…

Tisu Boy said it was the result of stripping carpets from the floor,
leaving behind the glue stain…

Such raw feeling!

I thought the floor was more intriguing than the photographs exhibited…:p

The kitchen

The sky window

I thought this place would be a perfect place for artists’t studio given
that there are plenty of small rooms and outdoor space

Actually I should say viewing exhibits at the South Beach Development was not a most pleasant experience, due to the fact that almost all rooms were not air-conditioned and ventilation was not really great. It reminded Itchyfingers of the museums we visited in Vietnam and Thailand. The dimly illuminated corridors by light bulbs could also give one an eerie feeling especially when you were the only visitors around. Silence filled the air, only to be broken occasionally by the sound from some video installation…Plus there seemed to be a kind of stale and musty odor lingering in the air….not only from the old building itself, but also, we discovered later, from somewhere else….So where did the smell come from? Do look out for the next post! 8)

A last look at the old building before leaving…in case you need to relieve
yourself, the loos are here…hey…! the smell certainly didn’t come from the loo! 😀

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