It’s Play Time! #2

September 16, 2008 at 12:01 pm | Posted in itchy backside | 2 Comments
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Have you ever had the experience of looking high and low for something that you had misplaced or forgotten where was the last time you’d seen it, without realising that all the time it was right in front of your face, staring and shouting at you? Well, I think the classic example and joke I had heard must be when Tisu Boy related his experience of looking everywhere in his house for his comb one fine day, without realising that all this while it was already stucked on his wet hair after his shower! Hahaha….:D So forgetful!

This was the case during our search for old playgrounds in Singapore. We had been thinking of which old housing estates to go check it out when all along, I had it right in front of me at my place here! :p Aiya, cannot blame me for forgetful and unobservant, cos I always have the habit of not eating at the hawker centres or coffee shops near my place, preferring instead to eat elsewhere. So naturally, I failed to remember or notice this small and simple playground, not to mention it’s actually located at the further end :p

A simple slide on the sandy ground

The town center is undergoing a major upgrading and I guess this old playground may have to give way very soon too…

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  1. hey came across an article in which got me interested in old playgrounds.there used to be one near my old house that i frequent.

    may i know where these playgrounds are located? the ones in this entry and an earlier one entitled “It’s Play Time! #1”


  2. Hi, sorry for late reply. Seems to be getting enquiries on the old playground recently…wonder why the sudden interest? Well, “Play Time 1” was at Dover, not exactly sure the road name, either dover rd or dover drive, opposite NUS medical Sch, there’s a Dover Radio Taxis Stand nearby (see

    “Play Time 2” is much easier to locate…right in Clementi central. If you see any other old playgrounds, do let us know as well! 😀

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