The First 10K…

September 10, 2008 at 12:03 am | Posted in itchy mouth | Leave a comment

During the weekend, Itchyfingers finally past the first 10,000 hits! To those more high profile and popular bloggers, this is no big deal cos they can get so many as that number of visitors PER DAY. But for Itchyfingers, it was something to celebrate for –  given that we are so low key (we dun gossip, we dun resort to flaming, we dun even show our faces!) and with not much promotions made even among our circle of friends. 

Since our first post late December 2007 and 87 posts later, Itchyfingers is seeing a slow but steady increase in readership. Like my favourite animal, the turtle, we believe that with sheer determination and perservence, we will, one day be able to win the rabbit bloggers running ahead of us. :p There were many encouraging comments and private emails sent to us, and it was always a joy receiving and reading them, but we really love to get them more often…hahahah…:D

It was also fun looking at the things people search for before they get to us using the statistic function in WordPress. Some of the most common keywords to pop up are “upskirt”, “sexy girls” and “breast enhancement”. No lah, Itchyfingers still do not resort to writing sex and violence…hahah…It was just a naughty experiment Itchyfingers was doing to see if putting such words in the posts or tags have any effects in readership….hahah…Those people looking for some hot sexy girly posts must be seriously disappointed! 😀

For die-hard Itchyfingers‘ readers, you might be able to recall where these words came from: 
The word “upskirt” came from the post Through Waves and Arches, “Sexy girls” will always point to the super innocent In Search of Paper Clips, from the Bangkok Trip series; and lastly, “Breast” simply brings them to the crude but funny advertisement from Natural Instant Breast Enhancement, another post from the Bangkok Trip series. 😀

Our readers also seems to appreciate some of the quirky signages that we put up, as well as our little travel journals and museum reports. Among the most popular reads are Funny Signs (Chiang Mai, Thailand), i-squeeze – Cu Chi Tunnel, Vietnam Trip 7 (which is also one of my favourites) and Selamat Datang to the Peranakan Museum.

We would like to thank everyone who has been so supporting of Itchyfingers for the past months and apologise for not being able to post more often cos of work commitment. Nevertheless, Itchyfingers is definitely not gonna give up and will continue to explore more interesting topics. Do continue to drop by from time to time and give us your thoughts and comments. If you like what you have read, do be an Itchymouth and pass the message around!  🙂


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