Under the Moonlight

September 3, 2008 at 10:51 am | Posted in itchy fingers | Leave a comment

Recently it has been raining, the weather has been wet, wet and wet. Itchyfingers happened to go for a little night walk with some newly accquainted friends after the rain had stopped and found some little froggy. Frogs being mostly nocturnal, are most active at this time. We heard a few different species of frogs calling and singing, saw one or two hiding underneath the bushes from far with our torches and also some toads along the pavement.

The highlight for the walk must be seeing a few of these froggy sitting on huge lotus pads. Under the moonlight, they simply looked so lovely…

A tiny Common Greenback under our torchlight

This is a common species found in Singapore, but I think it was my first time seeing it.

This is a more accurate colour depiction of the Common Greenback
after some colour adjustment

Besides the froggy, we also managed to spot some tadpoles in their different stages of life. Some were beginning to have limbs!

Tadpole of the Common Greenback. This one is gonna be an adult very soon!

It was a very short one hour pleasant walk and I was glad to have stayed back for it. Singapore may be small but we have a bigger number of frog species (27 species) than countries like the UK (8 species) and New Zealand (7 species)!


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