Money No Enough Too

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Tonight is the last night before the closing of The Gate so there are a lot of people burning more hell notes again to appease the Dead.

As mentioned before, there are a lot of design as well as different sizes of hell notes, and they are all in very high denomination, like in millions and billions and zillions….hahah…:D I think one would be much richer in death then he would ever earn while still living. :p

When one is living, there will always be not enough money to spend. Likewise after death. People would burn these super high denomination notes in bundles to their loved ones who had passed on, hoping that they would have a better life in the Netherworld. But hor, so much notes to carry around….so troublesome! So some smart alec came out with the credit cards for the dead! Wow! So the Dead also like cashless payment, dunnu which is the preferred card? :p

Usually things other than the hell notes are burnt for the Dead during funerals, death anniversary or festive occasions where the Living think the Dead would need the extra cash. :p These items include credit cards for those going for prestige and status and gold or silver bars for the more traditional ones. Luxurious items like branded designer bags, gold chains etc are also available, but hor, all in paper lah of cos…hahah…they are all meant to be burnt, remember? :p

But out of these luxurious items, I think the most top of the range ones must be that of a car and a mansion. Often these comes with chauffeurs and servants! There were at least three Chinese funeral wakes around my place during this Ghost Month and these must-have items were prominently displayed for all to see. A pity I couldn’t take some pictures of those, cos it would be a bit disrespectful for the Dead and insensitive to the families. But Itchyfingers managed to snap some these pictures from the on-going exhibition at the newly opened 8Q SAM Museum. :p

A Mercedes for the Dead…


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