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When we are alive and kicking, most of us slogged away more than half our life working for a living – for that many pieces of paper known as money, which has the power to buy us food, a roof over our heads and also many many other desirable things. In some cases, even love and health…In a materialistic world, money is especially important to many people. Even so after death…

The Chinese’s belief in the power of money is so strong that they believe that even after death, one would need money. Maybe to use as bribery to Hell Guards and Officials so as to get a lighter sentence? Or to get better food and clothes? The whole concept may sound bizarre to many, but it is what people choose to believe, especially as a way of showing love to their loved ones. I must admit I am one of those who dun believe in it but do it cos of family obligation.

So during the Ghost Month, people would burn paper money for their loved ones in the hope that they would be able to have a better life in the other world. These paper money come in many sizes, designs and denomination. Most are printed on low quality paper and often colours are not registered probably so you see double images. For higher denominations notes, the first piece will always be printed on higher grade glossy art paper but only one side is printed, then followed by the normal paper. After all, they are meant to be burnt, so whether it is printed nicely or not doesn’t really bother anyone. As Itchyfingers, I would always look at the design of each denomination before burning them and would be fascinated by the many variety. As much as I would like to keep a sample of each design, I also dun wanna risk getting scoldings from my family….hahah…Most people would consider that as unauspicious.

But Itchyfingers still managed to snap a piece of the lower grade money…

Most notes will come with a picture of the King of Hade, complete
with serial numbers, er, which is exactly the same throughout the
whole stack of notes…:p

The back of the note. Wow, this piece is worth 50 million!

Some other designs include those of birds, fish and even children. A pity Itchyfingers couldn’t keep any of those without anyone noticing cos they are really big in size…the biggest so far is more than a normal A4 paper in length!  Wow how to keep all these huge notes in wallets hor…:p Well, the creative Chinese always have an answer for that…

For those who have never seen these interesting notes for the deads, here’s a link to see some examples.

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