A Singapore Horror Story

August 6, 2008 at 12:57 am | Posted in itchy fingers | 2 Comments

WORDS OF CAUTION: The following post (once again) contains scary and gory images definitely not for the faint hearted. Itchyfingers will not be held responsible if anyone suffers a cardiac arrest upon seeing the imageries. Please come back again when the mystery is solved…

Itchyfingers had a most frightening experience in a Chinatown carpark recently. We were going back to the car when we noticed, from a distance, some liquid flowing out from one of the wheels. It was dark…and red…and instantly we knew it was blood…:O The usually packed car park was almost empty. Looking at each other with eyes and mouth wide opened, we hesitated for a moment before finally plurging the greatest courage to go take a look at what was under our wheels.

As we moved closer, our greatest fear was confirmed. It was really blood! I could sense my raising hair and goose pimples…Then on the count of three, we took one more step to take a look at where the blood was coming from….and oh my goodness! :O

An arm sticking out from under the car! :O

I let out a loud cry that I swore I almost broke my own ear drums! :O Oh my goodness! Why was there a person under the car??? Did we crash her just now? How could that be without us noticing?? No. Murder! It must be a murder! She must be murdered by someone and hidden under our car!

We just couldn’t bring ourselves to squat down to find out if the person was dead or still alive…We wanted to call the police, but both our mobiles went dead at that moment…making it even creepier to stay there one more second. Our instinct told us to quickly shout for help…but there wasn’t a single soul around the half empty car park!

“Quick! Run for help!” We were both sweating from shock…

We ran as fast as we could, trying to get to the nearest public phone or find someone to call for the police. But the worse had yet to come…we wanted to run to the staircase to get out of the car park but we had another shock of our life! @#%*!!!! I couldn’t believe my eyes! :O

A dismembered arm sticking out of the rubbish bin! :O

A dismembered arm! This was definitely a murder! We had to call the police!

Then I thought my eyes were playing tricks at me…As if with a life of its own, the fingers started to move! Then the hand was moving as if it was struggling to get out..! :O This was too much for us! We screamed at the top of our lungs before losing conscious….




The next moment when we woke up, the arm was gone….Lucky for us, the owner of the arm did us no harm, otherwise Itchyfingers wouldn’t survive to tell our tale…

Ok, ok….enough of our nonsense! Hahaha…..Itchyfingers were just pulling everyone’s legs lah! There were no blood, no murder and certainly no ghost! 😀 But there was really a dismembered arm in the car park…But hor, guess what…it was just a mannequin’s arm lah! 😀 Hahaha….

Well, Itchyfingers weren’t really lying. We were really in the car park and really saw an arm lying on the ground…

A female mannequin arm on the ground not far from our car.
Some fashion stall owner must had dropped it or left it behind in a hurry!

Being Itchyfingers and certainly living up to our name, we picked the arm up and played with it before putting it under our car to take pictures…hahah…:-D Then we saw the rubbish bin nearby, and decided to do a sequel of Sadako from The Ring coming out of the dustbin…hahah…

Well, as for the blood…it’s just Itchyfingers fooling around with Photoshop lah…hahahah…Aiya, this is just a small harmless joke and also to tell people not to believe everything they see and read from the internet…hahahah….:D Sorry har, for those who really believed and got a shock…8) Itchyfingers really deserve a kick in the butt! 😀

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  1. hahaha, this is indeed funny! omg, i really believed that it was real!

  2. Haha…hope you had fun reading it…:-D

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