Tick, Twitch and Snap! – Fraser’s Hill, Malaysia Trip #3

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Birdwatching is an activity where one ‘watches’, or rather, observes birds and their behaviours. There are a few types of birdwatchers. The first type is a ‘Ticker’‘ where one is satisfied just seeing as many birds as possible and putting a tick on his bird list. Often, a Ticker may not be interested to see birds that he has seen before. Many times, Tickers may ‘progress’ into ‘Twitchers‘. ‘Twitching‘ is a British term, meaning the observation of a previously located rare bird. Thus a Twitcher is one that is obsessed with accumulating species on his bird list that he may go all the way to chase or wait for rare birds. Then there are the group of birdwatchers who take photographs or video as record purposes. Birdwatchers learn and appreciate more about the feathered friends. Often, there will be a certain degree of twitching in every birdwatcher in the quest to see more bird species, otherwise we won’t be travelling to places looking for birds liao. Hahaha….

One of the most unlikely places for birdwatching must be this rubbish
tip at Fraser’s, where birders often endured the rotting smells to wait
for a glimpse of the Blyth’s Hawk Eagle. This pile seen here was considered
small and smell ‘mild’ compared to some times back…:p

There are also many jargons in birdwatching. A ‘trash bird’ is a bird that can be commonly seen everywhere. It’s almost guaranteed that you will see these birds. Our local thrash birds include the House Crows, Mynas and Sparrows etc. In Fraser’s Hill, their ‘trash birds’ are far more beautiful…

The Silver-eared Mesia, a commonly seen bird….wow! Their ‘thrash bird’
so colourful! :O

The Chestnut-capped Laughingthrush with its mouthful of worms for brekky…

The cute little Mountain Fulvetta

The less colourful but still elegant Long-tailed Sibia. These birds are
often among the first to arrive in a ‘bird wave’, where flocks of different
species of birds come together to feast on insects

The Lesser Racquet-tailed Drongo, a montane species. This one lost its racquet.
Under good lighting condition and you would be able to see its glossy
blue hues, which otherwise looked dark and dull

One of the happiest moments in birding must be seeing a ‘lifer’, a term used to describe the new bird seen for the first time.

The Blue Nuthatch, one of my lifers for the last trip

Seeing something new is always exciting, but sometimes seeing the whole family together made my day too!

The male Large Niltava with a fat meal for junior…Females have duller
coat of browns

The juvenile Large Niltava resembles mummy but has more spots

If you are lucky, you can find nests. These are the Glossy Swiftlets

This trip might not be our best trip for bird photography, but photo opportunities were abundant in Fraser’s Hill. Besides the many birds, there were also many different species of moths, insects and beautiful flowers. Gibbons were often heard and sometime seen too!

Behind the scene…No lah, Tisu Girl can’t lug this monster around the
mountain, it’s Tisu Boy…hahaha

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