Life in the Mountain – Fraser’s Hill, Malaysia Trip #4

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As mentioned before, our last trip to Fraser’s Hill was not very fruitful in terms of the number of bird species seen. Many birds were not seen this time round for whatever reasons I do not know, even the team from Singapore that came out first for the bird race had only over 70 bird species on their list. Certainly hope it was not a sign of declining bird species due to global warming. 😦

Anyway, walking and driving around looking for birds, I was hoping to be able to see my four legged shelled friend again. Years ago, when we weren’t driven up the hill by friends and had to walk around the whole Fraser’s Hill, we had a very surprise encounter. Tired from all the walking up and down with binoculars, spotting scope and my bag, I was lagging behind when Tisu Boy suddenly shouted to me, “or gui!” (hokkien for turtle) Immediately I ran towards him and I couldn’t believe my eyes! What a luck!

It was really an ‘or gui’ ! And not any ‘or gui’ but a real ‘sua gu’!
(hokkien for “mountain tortoise”, a term used to describe a country
pumpkin or ignorant person):-D In this case, it was a ‘sua gu’ cos
it stayed in the mountain! Hahah…:-D

Crawling in the shallow drain at the side of the road

I know I shouldn’t be touching wild life…but being a tortoise and turtle
fanatic, I couldn’t help it…:P This cutie should be the Asian Brown Tortoise 😀

There was something on top of his head, and I thought it was just a fruit that landed and stayed there. So when I petted him, I tried to flick it away. But the soft ‘fruit’ didn’t move. It was only now that Tisu Boy, through his camera lens, noticed that the ‘fruit’ had legs on it! :O

Oh my goodness! The ‘fruit’ turned out to be a humongous tick! Or maybe it was bloated after its blood meal? The poor turtle had such difficulty trying to withdraw his head into the shell! Wonder if it was painful or itchy? I wanted to remove the tick by force, but was not sure if it would hurt Brownie or not; or if he would continue to bleed like in the case of a leech bite.

See the legs of the tick? Evil looking fella…

He was crawling in the middle of the road where cars often passed by, so definitely it was not a good idea to leave him there. As he was not really alarmed by our presence, we took some time observing and taking pictures of him. We didn’t notice at that point of time, but upon scrutinising the photos later back home, we were shocked to find more ticks on poor Brownie’s foreleg!!

Can you spot those blood suckers from the photo above?

A total of five evil ticks just from this angle! I wonder if other parts of
the body had more? 😦

In the end, we decided not to pull out the evil tick and hoped it would, like a leech, drop off after it had its fill. But I couldn’t just leave Brownie behind and decided to move him back to where he should belong.

Tisu Girl to the rescue…wow, Brownie was heavy…As if he understood
my intention, he didn’t struggle 🙂

And back to where he came from, down the valley into the woods…

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